How the aspirants and prophets traveled to India from Israel





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We quite often traveled between the Holy Land and India. The distance is not that far and before Islam took over in the 7th century and limited such travel for westerners it was traveled often and with great ease. Many people have stated that caravans took these religious students to India. I don't know about others but in at least five lifetimes I traveled that route by ship as a crew member.

Traveling by ship had many advantages for all concerned.


First we started in Egypt near Cairo or at Berenike on the Red Sea in July to October to catch the summer Monsoon wind. We would usually stop in Djibouti for food and fresh water before we headed out into the Indian Ocean. Usually because of pirates we sailed straight to India, aiming for Mumbai (Bombay) or Surat. There we would have to wait for 3 to 9 months until at least December before the Monsoon winds would change direction so we could sail back. In the mean time we would take classes from Hindu and Buddhist teachers who would travel from all over India and the Himalayas specifically to teach us students from the Holy Land and Egypt. monsoon

The captains of the ships we came on? First they loved us aspirants for our honesty. They would often make us their first mate. They also often paid us to wait for the wind to change just to be assured of a having a reliable crew for the return trip. That paid for our classes. They also paid us to guard the ship at night. So it worked out quite well for all concerned.

To hell with camels and walking across deserts! There was that endless sand with that heat and then there were bandits. Have you ever been spit on by a camel? It's disgusting and just about takes the prize in grossness.

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