Could Alice cause the end of us all?



CERN states right in the title of this page: ALICE detects quark-gluon plasma, a state of matter thought to have formed just after the big bang. Here is a more scientific presentation of what they are doing.

As you read that page realize that because CERN can focus energy much more effectively than nature can the folks at Alice will soon be making reactions that are more powerful than the Big Bang. Anyone see a potential problem with this?

What if the reaction we call the Big Bang can go in the other direction? Since time does not exist on the other side of the reaction our universe would immediately become a singularity and then disappear altogether.


First of all I personally don't believe that this could happen. I give it less than a 1 percent chance...but that is a hell of a lot. A one percent chance of the destruction of our universe my friends is much too high of a chance for me to ignore. How about you? In point of fact I can't take credit for this. A young lady friend who used to come by and visit told me that she saw this happening in a vision or dream and I just figured out the details. I'd like to thank her. I am now going to provide you with 6 different explanations of how this could occur.*



6 ways of explaining how this could occur


1. The Big Bang is an equation.

The theory that is presently taught is that the universe came from nothing. That conflicts with everything we have been taught concerning the fundamental concepts called the Conservation of Energy and the Conservation of Matter. You might as well rub a bottle and have a genie appear as to produce an entire universe from nothing. I think our universe came from another universe. The Big Bang is best understood as having an equal sign = instead of an > which means it only goes in one direction. The Big Bang equation looks a lot like this equation. ?=XYZ + Time. With 'XYZ + Time' being our universe. The = sign is the singularity that our universe came from or through and the question mark is whatever it came from.

The very nature of the equal sign means that the equation can also be written like this: Time+ XYZ = ? That means that the big bang can happen in reverse and we can become as nothing. That is because every physics equation that I know of can go in reverse. That is the nature of the equal sign =.

For instance we can add energy (T or heat) to solid water (ice) and get liquid water. H2O (ice)+ T= H2O (water). And we can make it go in the reverse direction by removing energy/heat from the water. H20 (water)- T = H2O (ice) + T.

The equation of a reaction that is more advanced and closer to this subject is E=MC2. It can also be written this way MC2=E. E=MC2 gave us the atomic bomb but are you aware that energy in the form of photons can be converted into mass and hence MC2=E? They do it all the time in Alice.


Got the idea? The Big Bang can go backwards or be reversed. That alone should unsettle you to no end.


What most people don't understand is that time does not exist on the other side of the equation. Once it starts our existence ends immediately as a spot.




2. Most people think that our universe came from nothing at the time of the Big Bang. That is just ludicrous. We are like fish in a pond who think the water inlet is the source of everything. It is obvious to me that the Big Bang must be an equation and that our universe is the right side of the equation. ? = XYZ + Time. On 'our side' of the equation are the three dimensions and time. Just because we don't know what is on the left side of the equation does not mean that the equation and what is on the other side doesn't exist.


This is reality folks, not magic. There is no such thing as magic. There is only science that we do not yet understand. The universe did not go 'poof' and come into existence from nothing. It is obvious that our universe must have come from another universe that is governed by a different set of rules.


And likely all or part of that other universe became our own. [And yes. I suppose it is even possible that our universe was created by some over eager ET's who wanted to see how close they could get to the Big Bang...but from the other side of the equation.] The concept of multiverses is not new and there are even scientists at CERN who believe in the possible existence of parallel universes and extra dimensions.


The Big Bang looks like this ?=X, Y, Z + Time. We don't know what is on the other side hence the question mark. As you can see the Big Bang is just another equation so it must also be reversible. Once even a little bit of our universe starts going in the reverse direction it will proceed according to rate of reaction on the other side of the Big Bang Equation. However, time does not exist on the other side of the equation so the entire universe will converge into a very small point in the blink of an eye.  




judgement3. The worlds three largest religions all agree that the world ends in the same way. Interestingly it fits precisely the definition of a ‘Reverse Big Bang’.


According to the Hindu Vedas the universe becomes a singularity. The Hindu prophecy not only tells of the universe becoming a singularity but it also takes into account the creation of another universe after this one passes through the singularity.


all of creation will contract to a singularity and then again will expand from that single point Wikipedia


Moslems and Christians often speak of the end of time and the end of the world. They also believe in a Judgment day which implies that everyone on earth dies at same time. Even the 20,000+ nukes that now exist can't kill everyone on earth at the same time. And trust me no half mile across once in every 50 million year asteroid is suddenly going to appear on the horizon. No, the simultaneous death of everyone on earth can only happen if the end of time and space (X, Y, Z) arrives by way of Alice at CERN.


Also, no scripture even implies that God causes the end of the world. He seems to be a bystander in the whole thing. He appears to only go to work judging peoples souls after the world and time end. Over half of the world’s population believe in this doctrine. Are they all completely wrong?


If you believe in any of these religions then you already believe in the existence of at least one alternative universe. It is also both timeless and infinite. It's called Heaven.


Heaven is also the realm or Universe in which Paradise resides.






  4. Like all physics equations the Big Bang is reversible and we can all end up coming together into a small spot called a singularity. The problem is that nobody knows what will cause this Reverse Big Bang. My feelings? Are that it can happen accidentally in the Alice detector at CERN. What they are doing there will soon exceed the temperatures and pressures that existed immediately after the Big Bang occurred. Inherently this should sound like a very dangerous thing. We don’t know what it will take to make that equation go in the other direction and to end all of our lives.

The problem is that this ‘Reverse Big Bang’ wont be controllable once it gets started. It will proceed according to the ‘physics’ rules on the other side of the Big Bang equation. Since time and the 3 dimensions don’t exist on the other side of the equation the reaction and our disappearance will be complete and immediate. We will all suddenly become a point in time and space.


Though it may sound outlandish and strange it’s no more bizarre and ludicrous sounding than a description of the Big Bang itself.


5. This explanation does not involve any physics.


Right now they are producing Quark-Gluon Plasma clouds–gluon_plasma in Alice at CERN A Quark Gluon Plasma cloud is exactly what the Big Bang produced. From a singularity or a single point in time came a Quark Gluon Plasma cloud and from it came the entire universe. A reverse of the Big Bang could occur when the entire universe collapses into a single point and time ends because man exceeded the energy of the Big Bang in the form of a Quark Gluon Plasma Cloud at CERN.


We don’t want this to happen. If it happens then we all die instantly. We don’t need to die. And this is very easy to prevent.


What is the likely hood of this happening? If it is higher than 0% then it is too high for me. But apparently the odds are not too high for the physicists who work at CERN. Their physicists are not above making mistakes as they all do.** They also all suffer from Goldman’s Dilemma to some extent.'s_dilemma In his study Goldman asked Olympic athletes if they could win a gold medal by taking a drug but it would kill them in five years would they take it? Over half said yes. For us it means that the physicists in charge of Alice will take a chance on dying if they can possibly win a Nobel Prize. Most CERN physicists would probably take a chance on the ‘Reverse Big Bang’ even if there is a 5% chance of the universe ending. Many would even take a 50% chance. The problem is we are a part of their selfish behavior. Put simply they are willing to take such chances with our lives while Goldman's athletes didn't. I personally think that anything over 0 % is far too high. How high a chance is too high for you?




6. This proof uses mainly logic and rational. First we must admit to ourselves that we just don't know what will happen if CERN keeps on pushing the limits of physics as they are doing. The problem is this. Those CERN scientists are trying to get as close to producing the big bang as they can. That has been their stated purpose all along. I personally don't want them trying to reproduce the big bang or even getting close to reproducing it. They just might make it happen! They don't know how the Big Bang came about so it is certain that they don't know how to avoid creating a Reverse Big Bang.


I certainly don't want that to happen and neither do you! They need to stop until they can figure out how the big bang occurred so they don't accidentally produce another one but in reverse. The point is that those fools who are running that collider simply don't know what is going to happen. Don't let them tell you otherwise. The very reason for the existence of colliders In the first place is because the scientists cant figure out this stuff for certain using just their brains. If they could do that then they would not need to do any experiments with the Hadron collider. It is as simple as that. Mostly they don't have a clue as to what they are doing.




Now that I have explained this a number of ways you can now educate your family and friends about how dangerous Alice really is.


One thing that I have noticed is that many of our leaders in both government and the corporate world who used to have a 'clear vision of the future' no longer seem to have one. These people would normally chose what direction their company or country will go in. However, now many of them suddenly seem to be befuddled and not at all certain of what to do. I assume that mainly they do not have the information their intuition normally provides them so that they can make a clear decision. They suddenly cant figure out what their 5 year plan should be. It’s as if maybe there are no longer any potential futures for them to chose from. They may no longer exist. Are you one of those people?


One good thing for the US is that CERN is a European Project. There is no direct American involvement at CERN. Some US organizations such as schools have observers at CERN but there is no big American financial, political support or involvement. Nobody is going to come forward and say if you interfere then we lose a $70 million dollar contract or 500 Americans will lose their jobs. .


The thing I have found the most interesting is that no one has popped up blasting this theory of mine out of the ball park. I have half expected someone to say something like: ‘Phillip Feynman disproved the possibility of the Reverse Big Bang back in 1975’. So far nobody has. I really do wish that someone would.


*Each explanation is quite short. People think about 12 different ways. These 6 explanations will 'appeal' to half of those 12 ways but those six include about 2/3 of the people. And most likely you are one of these people because rockers and shakers almost always belong to one of these 6 groups. If you still don't understand this then ask your wife, husband or friend. One of them will understand it. By the time you read this page you should understand the concept that I am now going to explain. Then you should be able to convince over half the people that you communicate with.



**But aren't these nuclear scientists both wise and smart? They certainly aren't. Let's take a look at some examples of how the worlds greatest nuclear scientists have already screwed things up.


One of the first idiotic Nuclear screw ups was made in WWII by the Nazi's most famous physicist and the inventor of the first cyclotron Walther Bothe. You probably know of Germany's production of heavy water at the Norsk facility in Norway? Heavy water was needed for moderating Germany's nuclear reactors so the allies bombed and destroyed it repeatedly. Then the Germans had to give up on nearly all their nuclear research. All this time the US used cheap graphite instead of expensive and difficult to produce heavy water to moderate their nuclear reactions.  Why did’t the Germans also use graphite? It was because of two mistakes that Bothe made. He first screwed up the equations and calculated that graphite would not work. Then when Bothe tested his results by experimenting with graphite he used impure graphite. The bad experiment confirmed his bad physics but Bothe was considered so great that no one dared to even question him or his math. He simply could not make a mistake such was his great reputation. So the Germans decided that they could only use heavy water as a moderator. That's how they got stuck using heavy water which all ended up in barrels at the bottom of Lake Tinnsjo. Because of this mix up by the greatest of Nazi scientists their atomic bomb project could not be completed while the American Manhattan Project used graphite which is both abundant and cheap. We know how far that project got....


cb...all the way to The Hydrogen Bomb. This next example is a lot closer to CERN's level of importance. This was a huge genius mistake and it was 100% American. Castle Bravo was the first dry nuke explosion and also the largest nuke the US ever detonated. The nuclear scientists calculated that it would be a 5 Megaton nuclear explosion but when it was set off it gave a yield 3 times that much. 15 megatons ripped a hole in the sky and tossed an entire island 20 miles up in the air. This is the bomb that gave us such terms as 'black rain' which is what that island became as it dropped from the skies 90 miles away on a Japanese fishing boat. Why the mix up? The scientists all forgot about the 60% lithium-7 that was mixed in with the 40% lithium-6. They thought the lithium-7 was inert so they only calculated the lithium-6 reaction which provided 5 megatons worth of explosion. Although lithium-7 is inert as they thought it does break down into tritium which isn't inert. That tritium by product of lithium-7 unexpectedly tripled the power of the explosion. These were the best scientists in America but they messed up 10 megatons worth. That was a really big mistake worthy of CERN scientists. This isn't the only omission error with the first Hydrogen Bomb. It took 7 years for the US to go from the atomic bomb (1945) to the Nuke (1952). Why when it was so very simple? The American scientists led by Edward Teller thought a hydrogen bomb would have to have a fission primary of plutonium the size of a railroad car to generate the energy needed to set off the fussion secondary...but they were only calculating the thermal energy and not the xrays that were also generated by the primary. Once they added them they were able to make full on nukes that are smaller than a refrigerator and are 1000 times as powerful as the Hiroshema/Nagasaki Bombs. I rest my case.




chatsworth reactorWhat started me on this project? I grew up in Chatsworth California in a family with a school teacher mother and a university professor father. Chatsworth is just north of Los Angeles at the north west edge of the San Fernando valley. On July 26, 1959 a partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor called the Sodium Reactor Experiment occurred only 8 miles west of where I lived. This is how close it was to the San Fernando Valley. See the photo which was taken facing east. The reactor site is in the foreground and the SFV in the distance. That thing had a 1/3 meltdown and those running it did not even tell us! (I went to school with many of their children. The release of radioactivity may have been 260 times what it was at Three Mile Island.


Information about that melt down was not released to the public for about 20 years.


Can you imagine anyone operating a full on experimental nuclear reactor just north of Los Angeles and within 4 miles of the San Fernando Valley? That was not smart or wise. From the north is the direction that the wind blows from most of the time. Had the meltdown been worse, and in theory it should have been much worse, then half of Los Angeles could have easily become completely contaminated with radioactivity and totally uninhabitable for hundreds or thousands of years. Here it is on a map.


I remember one disaster that they issued a press release on and it happened about a mile from my house at the Atomics International headquarters for the above reactor. They were storing uranium blocks there. But that was OK because they were each of subcritical mass and could not explode. Then some fool stacked them until they reached critical mass and it blew off part of the roof. Who knows how much radiation was released in that one and which way the wind was blowing. I remember that I read about in a newspaper.


I think that I read about it in the LA Times but it may have been the now defunct Valley Green Sheet. I do think it happened before JFK was assassination. That incident was undeniable because anyone driving down De Soto Ave could see the torn up roof but how many other incidents that released radiation were there that were never reported?

So for at least 3 reasons you should not believe the experts in charge of CERN.








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