One sentence with six meanings that introduce two main female protagonists.

This maximizes the number of entendres in a single sentence so that it has six meanings that are applicable to the play or the actors playing the parts.* The previous record was a triple entendre in the 'Merry Wives of Windsor'.

This is from a screenplay I am writing and it introduces the two female protagonist about two minutes into the film. A Police Officer (Michael Douglas) says this to another cop about the two female protagonists as we focus in on them sitting on a couch. Patricia Arquette plays Evelyn, a hard as nails female cop who is consoling the sister of the murdered heiress Alice who is played by Patricia's real sister Rosanna Arquette.

Michael Douglas says to the other cop: 'Evelyn just got here and already she is acting like her big sister.'

The six meanings of the sentence are formed by the various combinations of the words 'big sister' and 'acting' (and a few other words). Let’s look at each one of the six separately.

Two of the meanings concern the story line.

1. The sentence could mean either that the policewoman Evelyn is performing a service that an older or big sister performs for a younger one.

2. That Evelyn is performing the services the organization 'The Big Sisters of America' provide. (Patricia is the younger sister of Rosanna.)

Three of the remaining four entendres concerns the two sisters career as actresses and it depends on knowing their previous work.

3. The sentence could mean that although Patricia has not been in the acting trade that long, her skills are at a level comparable to those of her big sister Rosanna.

4. It could also mean that Patricia is utilizing techniques that are similar to those that her older sister Rosanna uses.

5. And it could also mean that Patricia is taking on roles similar to the diverse ones that her big sister Rosanna is famous for taking. These are expressive and often explore very dynamic emotions and often include socially significant messages. (Evelyn is playing a most unusual role for her.)

The last meaning concerns the private lives of the Arquette sisters and people who stay on top of the personal lives of actors will know this one.

6. Patricia is now supporting the Arquette family in much the same way that Rosanna did in the 80's and 90's. That support provided them all with a stability that allowed them all to work freely and develop into great actors.

In case you are you thinking that a hex entendre is not a big deal then try to find a quadruple entendre. I'll tell you now, they just don't exist. There might be a few triple entendres scattered around but the only quadruple entendre that I know of is 400+ years old. One triple entendre was made by the Bard and is found in the Merry Wives of Windsor and the only quadruple is famous and written by Queen Elizabeth.** If I am not mistaken I'll be in the record books with this six entendre for many more years.

* This is actually a octentendre as it has about eight different meanings but only six apply to the actors, characters or the performance. My friend says that it should be called a hexentendre as the standard practice for prefixes in nomenclature is to use Greek.and not the Latin which is sexentendre.

However, I think the naming of it should be the same as a heavenly body. The discoverer should get to name it whatever they want. My landlord, the professional astronomer, named stars after everyone in his family. Besides I'd prefer sex over anything else and that certainly includes anything involving a hex.

**Queen Elizabeth I was my inspiration for using double entendres in the plays and there are about 20 in one of the plays. When I was a child in that life I learned the Queen used a quadruple entendre in her most famous early speech and nobody now even realizes it was a quadruple entendre unless you read my explanation on this page in the section of my web site I have devoted to her.





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