Here you can see Hurricane Alberto in a standard IR satellite photo taken on August 21, 2000..

I'm unable to find pictures of Jet stream trails over the Atlantic to show you how the jet stream flows over Europe during and after a hurricane. So the below series of the jet stream across the US will have to do.

Here you can see how the jet stream often flows across the U.S. except it usually loops up into Canada more. 

Here is the jet stream mid day on Aug 22, 2000 just before Hurricane Alberto goes north of it. It is going very fast (green) and bending up ward until it goes into the arctic. It even reversese itself and goes a bit to the west. This has to be affecting the weather in Europe which won't even see the hurricane itself for another four or five days.

Twelve hours later this is the jet stream. It is not going north at all and it is pretty much blocked by the southern edge of hurricane Alberto. The jet stream seems to be at a dead standstill. It is not even flowing over Northern Europe at this time.

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