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I quickly answer a question that is very important. Why I didn't take credit for the plays that are attributed to William Shakespeare.

What role did the man named William Shakespeare have to do with the plays and who is this really a picture of?Cardinal Richleiu

Solid proof for the first time that the Bard was a woman.

How the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was an actual allegory of the real tragedy of Mary Queen of Scots and the Earl of Bothwell. Thirty major parallels listed side by side. Don't miss it for the world.

The perv Falstaff exposed for the animal he really was,

The Merry Wives of Windsor were a bunch of dogs that stood up on their hind legs and talked!

Horse sense but the play itself was based on England saving the world with a super horse and was the begining of almost all modern English horse breeds.

A Midsummer Night's Dream. How and why Queen Elizabeth came up with Puck's name and unmasking European child molesting monarchs.

'The Tempest'. (Best for fans of history AND the Bard.) It was the stage version of the defeat of the Spanish Armada. It's real purpose was to prevent another invasion by humiliating the Spanish and it worked. 

How being questioned by Queen Elizabeth ended with her leveraging herself into the position of co-writing the play.

Brief notes on Richard III.

'Aunt Annes' Sex advice for young ladies or how a woman can write like a man or vice versa.

The secret about the 'boys' who played the women's parts in the plays.

Secrets about the plays and specifically why they are so popular.


For those who are terminally addicted to acting I give you the following

Don't you hate it so when a person claims to have been someone in a past life but cant duplicate that persons skills. I can 'talk the talk' but can I 'walk the walk' (write like the bard). It's one thing to say I was the bard but it is entirely another thing to be able to write like him (or her). You be the judge. How about a series of double entendres that takes the plot of a screenplay I am writing in two directions at once.   Here. Even better, how about a sexentendre , a sentence with 6 meanings. Or this page for another style of writing. Now if I just had the time to write.

How to eliminate type casting

My knowledge of the English language is literally an accumulation of all the words that I learned in at least six lifetimes. In the Bards life, 400 years ago, I had already had at least four lifetimes in England. Hence the bards immense vocabulary of over 30,000 words and her unrivalled command of the English language (though I can't act worth a damn).


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