Once upon a time in merry old 1560's England a baby was born named Ursula. Her father had become fed up with his implacable mean wife, who later came back to life as Lady Macbeth, so he left her and his big estate to move into a little cottage in the deep forest with his girlfriend Jane Halsall who  bore him two more children.


Henry StanleyHis name was Henry Stanley, the very wealthy and very real 4th Earl of Derby so he didn't care a bit about what anybody thought about his moving in with his girlfriend. In fact he endlessly told everyone the reasons why and how happy he had become. 

He even told those who didn't want to know because it was none of their business. The little family in the forest was quite comfortable and they all planned to live happily ever after.. 

..except  for little Ursula who had many big plans and boundless energy.

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