Who is the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth 1 in this lifetime?

I am almost certain that she has reincarnated as Courtney Love.

Queen Elizabeth was an accomplished musician. Courtney Love is definitely an accomplished musician. Both play stringed instruments and write their own music. They both take great pride in their many beautiful dresses. They are both remarkable diplomats and they both gently push others to exceed their own expectations.

But that is not all. They both are geniuses with truly usable high IQ's and immense creativity. They are both truly irrepressible. They both are incredibly savvy and intuitive businesswomen. They are both indefatigably drawn, not driven, to succeed.

And they both want above all else love.

What I personally lock into are Courtney's mannerisms. Her finger movements specifically. The two use their hands in identical ways. Except Courtney's incessant cigarettes get in the way. Their hand motions are identical in so many ways that I can't even attempt to count them.* Even t he way they swing their arms is the same and it says 'I am independent'.

I am about 60% certain that Courtney Love was Queen Elizabeth 1 but I will know for certain if I meet with her which I wish would happen. I'd love it if she got in touch with me. Although I have tried I have not been able to get ahold of her. In any case we would make a great team. Us Tibetan Buddhists do this a lot. In fact the entire religion is based on the recognition of the reincarnations of great teachers (tulkus) right on up to the Dalai Lama.

I have tried to figure out exactly what the difference is between Ms. Courtney Love and Queen Elizabeth. There is not much difference to tell you the truth. I am surprised at the amount of Queen Elizabeth's personality which has carried through into Courtney Love. The main difference that I can tell is that Courtney was raised a bit of a wild child by parents who fully embraced the counter culture of the 1960's. She says that her father gave her LSD at the age of four. That would be 1969 and it was probably a 300 microgram Orange Sunshine tablet which was all the rage then. A third of one of those tablets left a person clutching the ground so as to not fall off. In a 35 pound four year old that was the tremendous equivalent amount of 1700-2000 micrograms in an adult (about 20 threshold doses). That would have created a horror that went on for 24 hours and resulted in her becoming disassociative and unable to tell reality from fantasy from spiritual for about four months. Probably it pretty much makes her always feel alone even now. A horrible thing to do to a child of four. What was her father trying to do? Make her compliant? No matter how much LSD her father gave her Courtney Love was predestined to not become a stepford wife.

Queen Elizabeth had a mind bending experience as a child which caused her to feel alienated from others. Elizabeth's mother was wrongfully executed when she was two on the orders of her father. As a result Elizabeth felt that she could not be a wife in all the respects that are required for a woman to be for a man. That was perhaps the main reason that she never married. I want to think that this experience made Elizabeth's love more available for all humanity and far less focused on any one person.

I hope Ms. Love does not mind me putting this here. I will take it off if she wants me to.

Just who do you think I should employ as the director to this little opus when I make my website into a film on 'The Life and Times of the real Queen Elizabeth 1'? I wonder if Courtney Love has aspirations to direct films? And especially play the role of Queen Elizabeth? Courtney Love can certainly direct or act in my film even if she was not Queen Elizabeth. She has the right attitude, intelligence, bearing and general comportment. Aren't these skills coupled with her inside knowledge of the film industry what really matters? If Courtney was not the Queen and I located the real one I doubt that she could play the part. She would not have the skill set or knowledge of the film business that Courtney already has.


*It was all part of the show called the court of Queen Elizabeth. For all the world was her stage. Us actors on this stage (members of the court which included me) were taught to defer our eyes downward from the eyes of her majesty. This was to show deference and to not attract attention away from her and her guests. As such the easiest, most entertaining and enjoyable thing for us court ladies to do was to watch the 'Queen's hand dance'. It was a language all it's own. It was mainly semaphore which all English children who lived near the ocean learned. She made it expressive and over the top in detail just to keep us entertained. It was strangely satisfying to the viewer. We used to say that her hands were directly connected to her emotions. After awhile you could listen to her words and 'listen to her hand movements' simultaneously. The combination gave you 5 times as much information as her words alone did. After watching it for hours a day and for about 25 years the movements are etched in my memory for all eternity. They appear to be etched in Courtney's (subconscious) memory for all eternity as well.

Courtney Love's hand mannerisms are nearly identical to those of Queen Elizabeth I.

I want to tell you one thing that Courtney Love did which was the action of a queen. One thing that Queen Elizabeth was famous for was standing up to men no matter how powerful they were when she knew they were wrong. That included the King of Spain with his vast armada. She was always ready for the next pumped up man who thought he was hot shit...especially if it included the domination of other people.

What did Courtney ever do which was similar?

Here in America we had a king in Hollywood named Harvey Weinstein. He was a giant that just rolled over everyone, especially young women. No one and I mean no one or organization dared to say a thing against him publicly yet nearly everyone in Hollywood knew the secret. Finally one and only one person, in 2005, stepped forward by standing up to this bully and publicly warning young actresses on this video about this monster even though she was fully cognizant of it possibly resulting in libel charges being leveled against her. She says that Weinstein's company CAA black listed her.

The actions of a true queen.

I feel that it is highly likely that she was also Cleopatra in another previous life. Also, Courtney and Ben Franklin have a similar unique 'saucy' sense of humor, inovative personality and inate overwhelming ability to know right from wrong so she may have been him as well. In fact many aspects of her personality are identical to his.

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