Queen Elizabeth's mother Queen Anne Boleyn proven innocent of all charges.

The accusations of her having adulterous affairs with a half dozen men including her own brother were entirely untrue. She was faithful to the end.*

The plot to get rid of her was by traitors who committed organized perjury. As I recall it was later exposed to the Kings guards by a woman who over heard the plotters. The plotters thought that nobody would listen to the woman. I think the actual persons and method of exposure may have been kept a secret from even the court because I do not recall it clearly. (I am only recalling my reading of the reports and it was 50 years after the fact. I did not read the notes for effect but only skimmed them so I could organize them. So my memories are all a bit hazy and distorted.)

In any case it took only hours for it to get to King Henry VIII. It sickened the King almost to death for he loved Anne a lot. However, the testimony was just too overwhelming, although it was entirely false.

I later read the reports and they are probably still around.** Likely it was a case that was a secret hearing of the Star Chamber. It ended up being kept a secret to prevent a war, most likely a civil/religious war. As I recall the subterfuge was actually done under the authority, support and instructions of the pope. Directly. That is it was controlled by one person in the Vatican. He did it to undermine King Henry's reign and to get even with him for divorcing Catherine of Aragon. It was seen by many as a personal grudge match like no other. It pulled in many innocent people and nearly started a huge civil war. It certainly did not sit well with King Henry VIII. He almost declared war. Everything was kept a secret to avoid an almost certain civil war which was narrowly avoided. It would have almost certainly turned out disastrous. He did bring the hammer down on the Catholic Church in England. This exposure is really what kick started the reformation in England. Until then Henry had a pretty laissez faire attitude about Catholicism in England but this got his blood boiling and it stayed boiling for years. He then persecuted and totally destroyed the Catholic Church in England and shipped most of their members out of the country by the boatload.

Apparently the treasonous participants all died mysteriously within a short time of each other. Most allegedly died in their sleep. Many of the coconspirators ended up working in the mines or were thrown out of England.

Added 2/20/21- Queen Elizabeth pulled out these papers as often as she could to prove to diplomats and the citizens of England her right to rule. I hope that nobody removed them.


*Unfortunately executioners are not the most ethical and upstanding citizens. Who would have guessed, right? They plain and simply kill people for a living. One thing they do is to sell out too easily. Who to? Anyone who wants to torture the prisoner being executed by paying the executioner to swing the axe multiple times to behead them. Suddenly an axe man who had chopped wood all his life and could split a pea with an axe couldn't behead a person with one blow. The more you paid the more blows it took. Examples include Mary Queen of Scots and Robert Devereux.

In Anne Boleyns (King Henry VIII second wife and Queen Elizabeth's mother) case the amount of money being asked for by the executioner was so low and so openly discussed right in front of her there in the tower of London that she became disgusted and imported her own sword expert/executioner from France. She even timed his arrival for the day of her execution so that anyone that might want her to die slowly and in agony did not have time enough to corrupt or threaten him into fulfilling their wishes.

That the price was so low to 'miss her neck on the first two swings of the axe' actually spoke well for Anne. That the executioner was willing to take such a small bribe and couldn't get even that meant that Anne had no enemies at all. The executioner literally couldn't find anyone who wanted to pay to have her suffer. She did not realize this is why the price was so low. Everyone liked Queen Anne Boleyn. Totally in control even to the end!

**The information about Queen Ann Boleyn's innocence is located in about five locations including the main archives. When I was Queen Elizabeth's secretary/chamberlady we knew her mother had been wrongly prosecuted. I suggested to the queen that she should have all the evidence located and collated in case it was ever needed in the future (like now). Guess which mouse got to hang that bell on the cat? As I recall most of the important information that I located was from the records of the Star Chamber and most of those records were in the form of notes and minutes. I remember specifically there were notes by one judge that stated ' in the final surmisal Anne Boleyn had been convicted of adultery and sentenced to death by four people who had each memorized a page and a half of collaborating false information which they then testified to in court as to being the truth. Anne was in reality a simple lady who liked to play children's games and had no interest at all in men or sex. She also liked to read a lot'. (Reading a lot was considered a very unusual thing for a woman and wife to do. She actually studied math and the bible in Latin.)

[Also, Anne was an outdoors woman and would always stay outside later and longer than anyone else. Even on mornings when there was ice on the ground she was known to pull people outside to ride horses or play some other sports. King Henry used to say that she would have lived outdoors if he let her. She was what we would now call an earth mother type. Animals and people (men, women and children) were just magnetically and automatically drawn to her like nobody else. And she was just plain fun. When she would walk into a room every man and woman would smile. Even those who did not know who the heck she was would break out in a smile. If she laughed then everybody laughed, it was that infectious. (Now do you see why King Henry loved her so much that he was willing to wait 5 years in order to be with and marry her?)]

There should be five locations where there is information. I spent several weeks on this project and as I recall I located some more information elsewhere but that is of little consequence and it has no bearing on their present locale. Now where are they? The point is I spent a lot of time organizing and collating them before I gave them to Queen Elizabeth. The notes will be in my handwriting. Don't be too surprised if they turn up. Important papers have a habit of sticking around for hundreds of years in England.

It was stored in a safe location where they were readily available since Queen Elizabeth wanted them easy to retrieve if she ever needed to establish her right to rule to visiting dignitaries. Those papers alone un bastardized her by making her mother the legitimate wife and queen to King Henry VIII. This information was stored near the treaties and important trade agreements that were in effect during her reign as those treaties and trade agreements had to be readily available at a moments notice to show to visiting diplomats. As I recall they were all stored less than 1/4 mile from the palace and near the river. If you can gain access to those records then please let me know. The notes were in a light colored folder (that may have meant important internal security information) but I think that by the time I had left government smoke from a nearby fireplace had darkened the folder.

Very sad.

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