That was another lifetime and my desires were different. 

In this life I used to like pistachio ice cream more than anything in the world. Before that it was a Lionel Toy Train set I got for Christmas. Then before that it was my mothers breasts that I liked more than anything else.

This doesn't mean that I have any interest in model trains and I can tell you that I have not even thought of pistachio ice cream in at least two years. However, women's breasts are different. I guess they are an exception to the rule. Their importance did fade out when I was still too young to even remember. However when I got to be fourteen years old they came roaring back ten times as important as they could have ever been the first time and they haven't diminished at all. Not since I was 14.

We who come back or reincarnate often come back nearly as often as men and as women to maintain a certain balance.  I've talked with many Buddhist men who state they never reincarnate as a woman but they admit they don't recall at least half their lifetimes. 


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