Persian Lady

The "Persian Lady" Sonnet

The restless swallow fits my restless mind,
In still reviving still-renewing wrongs;
Her just complaints of cruelty unkind
Are all the music that my life prolongs.

With pensive thoughts my weeping stag I crown,
Whose melancholy tears my cares express;
His tears in silence, and my sighs unknown,
Are all the physic that my harms redress.

My only hope was in this goodly tree,
Which I did plant in love, bring up in care;
But all in vain, for now too late I see
The shells be mine, the kernels others' are.

My music may be plaints, my physic tears,
If this be all the fruit my love tree bears

It's about when women stop adoring men. Then they see what they percieve of as the man's shortcomings. They couple with and empower the man, 'crown the stag', which is all the confirmation that a man needs to stay the exact same from then on.

Then they try to change him, plant the seeds, but to no avail. The seeds that others have previously planted will grow long before their seeds do. That leaves their seeds nothing but shells.

Women go through this phase at about the time they are around 30-35 years old. then they wise up. Both single women and wives do the same thing to their men, or at least attempt to.

Many Buddhists and others on spiritual paths refuse to become involved with those of the opposite sex. It often just slows down their growth tremendously, unless the other person(s) is more spiritual. That's the reason for the teaching of a Dakini. The reason for celibacy is that it goes the other way too and unless a person is very spiritual they can easily be brought down.

At least someone could figure out who the sitter was. 

In 1977, historian Janet Arnold expanded on Yates' work, and concluded that the sitter was most likely Anne Vavasour, mistress to both Oxford, and then Sir Henry Lee. However, another painting by Gheeraerts that was originally Lee's is the famous painting of Anne Vavasour that we have seen in Oxfordian books. That painting is considered to be an authentic likeness, so Janet Arnold reasoned that perhaps the sitter was modeled after Anne's sister, Frances Vavasour.

Janet Arnold is absolutely right (and wrong) about the model being my sister Frances since she didn't exist. She was another alias of mine.

(Since women can usually recognize people several times as accurate as men then you can usually be pretty certain it's true when a woman says that a person is so and so. It's not that they are more accurate so much as they are certainly faster to recognize. And it is not just persons, it's everything that could be a threat and their children. It goes back to 'caveman' days when they had to recognize danger really fast so they can hide or climb a tree. 'Let aunt Lucy get eaten while she is trying to decide if that is a deer or a lion, I saw his teeth and I am headed up the nearest tree with my two kids while the old man gets macho donw below with his spear'.)

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