Those Great Dresses

She wore outfits with jewels long before almost anyone else did. There were a few people that attached a few jewels where a pin was normally worn but nothing with up to two hundred like she wore. We think nothing of it when we see people wearing them or sequins and rhinestones which are modern substitutes for emeralds and rubies. She would come and practice archery** in the mornings at the downs where I lived when I was a little girl and she showed up often in her fine court dresses. Can you image doing archery practice wearing the above dress with those jewels on it?

This was one of her spring dresses and those are real leaves sewn into the dress but you should have seen her Summer ensemble. It looked like she was wearing a jungle.

A few of these were invented in only her head and the head of the artist and then on canvas but no where else. These were often impossible to make, or so they thought because they were just designs that were in defiance of the laws of physics but sometimes people would make these impossible fantasies and the queen would be impressed with their obvious skills. She sent to Italy and hired one designer/dressmaker who actually made something that she once fantasized about and thought nobody could possibly make.

On the other hand Queen Elizabeth did make up a large number of dresses that were too outrageous to ever get painted which she wore in court but no where else. To my knowledge they never made it on to a painting.

*The aristocrats were committing several crimes by taking ermine from peasants. The wives put their men up to confiscating the pelts from even people who used roads through their territory calling them 'toll roads'. The problem was that the next thing that happened was 20 years later when the woman's son's, husbands and brothers rebelled against the queen.

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