A girl and her toys


If a boy becomes your very best friend then it is probably ok to let him play with your 'toys'. You should have fun too though. If he doesn't care about you having fun then he is selfish and he won't take care of your toys.

If any boy ever behaves this way and it's at your home then the boy needs to leave right away.

A girls toys are very delicate and they can't ever be replaced. Boy toys must not be expensive because you always seem to be able to find lots of them whenever you want.

Sometimes boys get resentful just because they are your toys and not theirs, which doesn't make any sense at all to me. Remember that they don't belong to anyone except you and that they will always be your toys to do with as you please.

And you don't like it when they come over and play with your toys for maybe an hour and then just leave. That's also a no no. Then what do they always do? Nothing until they want to come back again just to play with your toys and then leave after an hour. Tell him he has his own toys he can play with because I don't know if it actually ruins your toys but they do seem to loose part of their intrinsic value.

Other people can sense that you don't value your own toys and since that is mainly what determines their value your toys begin to become worth less. These other people probably won't want to play with your toys because when you don't protect your own toys from boys like him then it's pretty certain that you won't protect their toys either.

You have to think of them as more delicate toys than a boy's toys and you always have to be playful because anything less is too rough for your toys. It becomes stressful and that may stop you from wanting to play with anyone else's toys. If that continues then you will never have that kind of fun again for maybe even as long as you live.

If that ever happens to you then you are not really living...are you?

Why did I write this? Many people say that Shakespeares plays are written from a mans point of view and so they have to have been written by a man. Well, I say that as a woman in that lifetime I was able to write from a man's point of view. As proof that it is possible I as man in this life wrote this from a woman's perspective. Does this mean that I am empathetic towards women? What do you think?

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