In one Tibetan lifetime that I strongly remember about 5-700 years ago I could levitate. There were at least two ways I flew through the air. Here are the redacted versions.

One way was to 'hop' through the air from one point to another. Essentially while we were in meditation we would temporarily reverse gravity. We would do it at an angle and literally hop from one side of the valley to the other. I would mark off the distance on a rock and then go do it again. We became known as the valley with the monks that fly and our monastery got lots of gifts from travelers, merchants and others.

I could fly about ¼ mile on my best days.

Do you think this is lunacy? Then you might as well call the pope crazy because the Catholic Church has long documented flying by both this and the following method and the ability to do so has often been attributed as a miracle to a number of their saints such as Saint Joseph of Cupertino.

Then there was the disappear method. I am pretty certain that this was in a different lifetime. I would shift dimensions and become what Tibetan Buddhist call a rainbow body, then I would project myself to where I wanted to go and rematerialize. You never knew for certain what was going to happen. The tricky part is to not rematerialize inside a rock or a wall. The way I would do it is to dematerialize, then start to materialize in the air several hundred feet above the monastery that I wanted to visit, look for the campfires nearly always associated with them, then again dematerialize and materialize next to the fire. That way I would not take a chance of materializing inside one of the walls of the monastery.

Once I decided to go visit the capital. I don't think it was Lhasa at the time but anyway it was at least a hundred miles away. I dematerialized and then materialized near the brightest campfires that I could sense assuming that would have to be the capital. I materialized near the campfires of a huge caravan in Mongolia. About 800-900 miles from home! It took me literally months to walk home and it was the wrong season for such a long and northerly trek. I taught many people Southern Tibetan Buddhist techniques and I learned others. On my walk back home I often looked at the moon and realized that I could just as easily have materialized on it....and then how would I ever get home from there? That made me decide to stop using this method.

Now if I can just recall how I did this.


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