Khamtrul Ngak'chang Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche and I

I was living in Los Angeles when I first met Ngak'chang Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche. I had received a Tibetan Buddhist initiation in early 1980 and was looking for a teacher in the mid 1980's. There were a plethora of Tibetan teachers in Los Angeles with lots of teachings. The problem was that I needed an advanced teacher for specialized instruction. Who was the real thing and how do you know they have 'it' and are not just full of words and had good marketing? When I heard that Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje was the Dalai Lama's head weather controller I was set. I had never seen a single picture of the Dalai Lama in the rain so he must be good I thought to myself. Anyone who could control a drop of rain had to be in perfect harmony with the universe and not just have sound bites made up of pretty sounding words. Nor could he be a manipulator of people as manipulation of others is totally incongruous with being in harmony with the universal forces which he had at his command.

I attended classes with him but I pretty much got lost in the crowds. I finally got his full attention after he passed away in 1993. Khamtrul Ngak'chang Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche's angel or spirit first visited me when I was living in Hawaii only a few months after he had passed. I have been able to adeptly communicate with those in the spirit world for a long time and for him to start coming to me after his life was finished was of no surprise to me. He said that he wanted to teach me some more. I sensed he was the same person as the teacher I had known since there was only one entity in the world who just plain felt like him and had that 'energy' and attitude. However, Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche wanted me to have more solid proof it was him and not an imposter spirit pretender.* 

My experiences with Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche really began to increase about six months after he passed away when I was camped north of Kona on the West Coast of the Island of Hawaii. I woke up in the middle of the night and sensed my 'insides were being manipulated'. Rain fell on me briefly. Yeshe was making a tune up to my weather making apparatus. In my half sleep I knew immediately what was going on because I often recall being a Rainmaker in many previous lifetimes. He said let's make rain together. 'Sure why not.' [The following events are public records and are available to anyone who wants to hunt them down. They all took place in about a 6-month period of time about a year after Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche's passing.]

Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche taught me first to make rain by producing a 'stationary low pressure area'. Once the cold front 'locked on' to Hawaii it dumped on the entire Island chain. It rained in one solid dump for ten days. I couldn't stop it. I knew the rain techniques from previous lives so it wasn't hard for Yeshe to teach them to me again but I couldn't figure out the undo technique. It was my first time in at least 600 years doing this stuff and I really began to panic. Have you ever lost it when the bathtub was about to over flow and you forgot which way to turn the nozzle or you turned the wrong one and you just ended up with water all over your home? In this case the floor was the Hawaii chain of islands and it had rained, I think, more than 3 feet of water. I had lost the ability to tune in to the storm since I was totally soaked. Also the rain acted like 'noise' to my psychic senses and confused me.

None of the newspapers ever had satellite photos in them so I drove up to the observatory on the (smaller Mauna Kea) volcano to get plugged into the Internet (it was very new back then). I was getting really desperate and wildly upset yet I couldn't tell the scientist why I needed to see satellite photos. They would have sent me to the insane asylum while the island went under water. I made a pain of myself until I saw the photos.

It was amazing. There, bracketed on each side of the Islands about 5-600 miles apart were what appeared to be two parallel 'walls' of clear air. A long wisp of wet white clouds came from the equator up in a north-eastern direction, then spun around inside these walls and was spewed out the top and towards California. Immediately the walls started to dissipate. It was completely cleared up in only about two hours after 10 days of walls of water coming down and flooding the islands.

According to the laws of physics it's impossible for a low-pressure area to exist stationary for 10 day. At least no scientist has ever explained it satisfactorily. The surrounding high-pressure air will simply fill in a low pressure area like air flows into your ears making them click when you go up in elevation or in an airplane. A low pressure area might exist for a few hours due to heating by sunlight but that would certainly end when the sun went down. Perhaps one may remain stationary for a half a day if it were affected by a mountain chain but soon high-pressure air will move in and normalize the air pressure. If it moved that may be different. But this one stayed completely stationary in the middle of the ocean for 10 full days and that is physically impossible according to the established laws of physics which always get changed to a new set of physics by people like me. Euclidian yielded to Newtonian which yielded to Einstein's physics which in time is destined to yield to (?).

It was a record rainstorm by the way.

Now Yeshe Dorje was most famous for one thing and you will never guess what?

Rainbows. They occurred a lot when he was around. As outrageous as it sounds we made a quadruple' rainbow when we moved up the coast. Our quadruple rainbow is about as complex a rainbow as anyone has ever produced. It's a rainbow with a purple ring inside it then a yellow ring inside that. Then another purple and another yellow inside those. Then about 30 degrees outside that rainbow was another complete but fainter rainbow. Somewhat like this example on the right of a 2 1/2er.(Click Here for a larger version and an unusual triple rainbow.) The quadruple was a record and I took photographs of it but lost them in Asia where went to meditate for 5 years. There were other people stopping and photographing it so a photograph of it might show up. We may have to make another such rainbow since it was so exhilarating and thrilling to see.

Three quarters of the way up the coast I stopped at the Wiamea shopping center to have my film developed. The roll still had some shots left on it and I wanted to completely fill it with rainbows. However the shopping center is at kind of a pass and what few clouds were in the sky just scooted across quickly without any water condensation forming (needed for rainbows). Yeshe taught me one of the most revealing of weather techniques. A Cloud Brake. To see a 'Cloud brake' will bring reverence and awe for Gods beauty and power more than anything I know of. Clouds freely moving across the sky suddenly start to bunch up in one area as if running up against an object like a mountain but there is no mountain. They will either slow down or completely stop. It makes your mouth gape wide open. The rain forms at that point due to the increase of pressure. Add a touch of a vibrancy shift, mix in the late afternoon sun and a rainbow forms. (This is the formula.) This happened in the parking lot of the supermarket. I took the photos to finish out the film. I left the rainbow on in case the photos didn't turn out and I needed to take some more. They all turned out great [However in 4 years of travel throughout Asia I lost the photos].

I moved 20 miles north to the north coast of Hawaii and camped out in an area where I had spent at least one lifetime a long time ago. I located fertility altars and places where captive warriors were sacrificed. Once I walked along the coast high above the water and I remembered the scene exactly the way it was in another lifetime. The trees were different and the house that had been there was of course long gone. It seemed the house once belonged to a friend. I went to where I recall the walls of the house had been (only a few miles away archeologist were looking for such a house). I gently kicked away the sod and there was the foundation of the house. It was a line of stones that had been placed deep in the ground. They seem to have been broken off flush with the surface. Why they were broken and had not fallen on their own, I don't know. Maybe cattle broke the stones later on but it seemed to me to have been done on purpose by humans. I didn't alert the archeologist out of respect to the person I once knew.

A month later I went to Wiamea to pick up supplies since I was camping out. Getting out of the car at the shopping center I looked up and said 'Oh ....'. (Provide you own word. I was so shocked I can't recall the one I used.) That rainbow was still there. I had forgotten to turn it off! I felt like a guy who accidentally leaves the sprinklers on all night and is worried the neighbor had noticed. I asked a few people who were entering the store about it. They all just took it in stride. 'Well yes, I think that rainbow's in exactly the same place every afternoon for about a month now.' It amazes me how people don't question things like rainbows that had never been there before and then appear for a month straight. Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche loved it.

Then back to the north coast and I found a room to rent. Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche said 'it's wind making time, let's bring the wind up to about 100 mph. I said, 'Yes, let's do it now'. He said 'No, no, we have to do it slowly since there are boats and planes out. They must have time to come in'. (It was an oversight. In my previous lives in Tibet we never had to worry about boats and planes.) So the wind went up in stages of about 5 mph per day until it got above small craft warning at about 35 mph and no boats were out. Then we took it right up to 60 and 80 and finally 95 mph. Hurricane force winds but with no hurricane. The news announced it a record (the second record) and no one was hurt. Afterwards, one of the carpenters in the area came by to say 'Hi' to me. I had told no one but somehow he knew. He had come by to thank me in his own way for bringing him new work.

Then I moved to Wiapio valley, which is a very beautiful valley that runs right down to the sea. If you saw 'Waterworld' the valley is where Kevin Cosner finds land. The people weren't warm to me there so I left there after a short time. Later, I found out that about 50 years ago they had a big tidal wave run up the valley. It killed quite a few people so I guess I see why they wouldn't want anything to do with a weather controller!

Then I went south to Hilo city. We did what I like to do most (Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche also). What I call 'Old Testament stuff'. We made it rain. The Hilo newspaper headlines ended up reading: 38 Straight Days of Rain. A new area record. We let it rain for 3 or 4 more days before we stopped. We had broken Noah's old world record of 40 days of rain. I know, if you want to quibble it wasn't 40 days AND 40 nights or continuous. It rained 42 days in a row though and that is a record.

That was it. I understood my potentials. Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche had taught me many techniques and the training was complete. I don't do that much on a conscious level but the weather ends up being nice around me.

I used it a few more times on a conscious level. I was in Dharamsala at Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche's Zilnon Monastery about 1997or 1998 when he was off doing something else. My guess now is that he had incarnated and was off being a child. I was staying through the Dalai Lamas lectures in March. Other westerners who had visited before to hear the lectures went on about how it rains almost every day while the talks are on. (This area gets the second highest rainfall in India.) I had just met my French girlfriend and was filled with love. I told everyone it wouldn't rain. I told Khamtruel Rinpoche who lives next door to the Dalai Lama and who often represents him. The Dalai Lama's talks went off without a hitch and it did not rain at all day or night during them except for the one day break in the middle. It rained a lot on that day but then it didn't rain for the rest of the lectures. Then to top it off, right after the talks, on their New Years day, 400 meters up the hill it snowed about 3 inches for the Tibetans and one westerner.

When I went back to Khamtruel Rinpoche he said I could have the Dalai Lamas blessing to make the weather nice in Tibet too if I wished. I had to level with him and say it would probably just attract more Chinese. He thought on this but said nothing. He is a far better diplomat than I am.

All these events are recorded except for probably that rainbow at Wiamea. However, I am pretty certain there are some people who remember the month there was a rainbow over the shopping center parking lot. In previous lifetimes Hawaii was a place where you could incarnate for a 'vacation life'. A place that was far from the stresses and strains of either the west or the east.

That is pretty much it. I stopped doing conscious weather control about then. How on earth could I do this? Because nobody told me I couldn't. Frankly weather control frightens most westerners. More to the point it can be very dangerous without the wisdom of a Yeshe Dorje guiding me.  I now leave it to my subconscious to use those powers far more wisely than my mind is able to. So the sunsets are unusually nice when I'm around and it does seem to rain when it is needed. But I don't consciously do anything with it normally.  Maybe someday I will have the wisdom to direct it consciously because it sure was a lot of fun!


*Ngak'chang Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche told me that he wanted to prove to me who he was for future doubters.  I went along with him. He wanted me to communicate with one person that he loved so he asked me call his Chinese wife who was a reporter at the time and lived in the L. A. area. I found her number and calling her I said that I was her husband's student and;: 'I am communicating with your husband'. She told me 'another of his students told me he had seen him in a dream'. I said: 'No, it's a little more direct than that. His spirit is standing right next to me and he is having me make this call.' Then he had me tell her some of their very personal conversations they had in the bedroom and she said: 'Ah, that's him.' I let her know he was well and was often with her. Another time he had me call her to calm her down and let her know that he was with still her. It was a very difficult situation and I soon found out why he had me call her right then. Her home had just been broken into by boys in the neighborhood and the police were still there haranguing her and asking her questions. They were nearly grilling her and I think she was probably in tears. It was a difficult conversation but it was the ideal time for him to lend her support through me.

When I go to Tibetan events I often meet lamas and monks who are friends of his. I now know that he got me solid proof it was him to give me confidence. He made certain that I had real faith that it was indeed him I was talking with. As a result of these calls to his wife I have never doubted for one second.

Yeshe's stupa Once he took me on a drive 25 miles from where I lived to Santa Fe which is near where his stupa is. I knew he was taking me to see a visiting monk named Tulku Sangak Tenzin Rinpoche. I did not know why we went there to see him. It was a real curiosity since his teachings were not of interest to me. I asked the nun who was with him 'Why am I here to see this lama? It has something to with Yeshe Dorge Rinpoche. Was Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche a friend of Tulku Sangak Tenzin Rinpoche?' She said 'Yes but Tulku was in charge of the building of Yeshe Dorje's stupa and he spent a long time building it.'

That is when I learned that Tulku Sangak Tenzin Rinpoche had done more than anyone to honor Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche by building a huge stupa in the mountains above Santa Fe. He paid for most of the material himself and spent a lot of time building it the right way. I met him during a break when he was talking with a group of students.  I told him that I was in communication with Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche and he wanted me to thank him for the work. Tulku Sangak Tenzin Rinpoche said 'it was nothing'. Just like it was nothing and it was also nothing for him to communicate with a dead lama through me in front of nine people including the Buddhist nun, all of which except for the nun, had their mouths wide open in astonishment.

About every 6 months Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche would drag me to some Tibetan event or another. Once he had me drive to Santa Fe to say 'Hi' to a friend of his. Another time was at the Dalai Lamas birthday celebration in Santa Fe when he  asked me to approach a group of about 25 persons that were at the party and then single three of them out. I immediately approached them and found out they were three of his closest friends. He just had me say 'Hello' and tell each in turn about how he was doing and what. After meeting those three people I wondered was I was still doing standing around feeling out of place. So I went home.


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2005 John Pinil