In my past lives I have been both man and woman. I have also been both easterner and westerner. I remember being at least 20 lifetimes in each of these categories. So I can easily tell you what the differences are. None of this information has been published before to my knowledge. It's all from what I remember. Frankly it's not a big deal for me but some people think it is a huge leap in the field of sociology.

What is the difference between east and west?

When that question gets asked it is really about people. Westerners are different from easterners. What is the difference? Mainly it is anticipations and/or expectation.

Easterners don't expect as much. Usually it is limited to what they know they can acquire and maybe a little bit more. Their goals are realistic and reasonable.

A westerner's expectations are exceedingly high for themselves and others. If they do their best then they are usually pretty happy with whatever results they get. They aim for the moon but they settle for getting to the top of the mountain. Sometimes that mountain is an Everest. Besides, westerners sometimes make it to the moon like they did in 1969. 

These are goals that an easterner usually do not have. That is why it was a westerner, Edmund Hillary, that was the first to climb Mount Everest a mountain that is surrounded by 3 billion easterners. I know sherpas and I can tell you that Tinzing Norgay, the sherpa that climbed to the top of Everest with Hillary didn't do it for the same reason. He did it out of sense of incredible loyalty that Sherpas have for others.

You see the results of this difference between east and west most clearly when a western man marries an eastern woman. Not always but often the wife gets completely burned out trying to meet her husbands incessant, needless desires.
I have heard repeatedly of situations where an eastern woman acts out her husbands sexual fantasies only to find herself divorced after she gives into them.

This is probably also why 10% of western women are on prescription antidepressants. It would not surprise me if that rate was even higher among eastern women married to western men.

Also, since he is used to only giving part of what the women in his life demands an eastern woman rarely gets her real needs met with a western man.

The converse is not the same. An eastern man with a western woman is a completely different thing. Western women, like Eastern women, are trained to take on or support her man's goals. They take on or adopt his expectations....which are more realistic than are those of the typical western man. The western woman easily meets the eastern man's needs because they are not as big or as unrealistic and she gets her actual needs more readily met.

To tell you the truth this explains almost every difference between east and west.

So what is the difference between men and women?

Besides the fact that men fix things while women make things better? Mainly it's that men feel emotions in sequence, one at a time and women feel them simultaneously. A good man hopefully goes through the emotions that he feels in the right order, in a timely manner one after another in the order of their importance. And then he repeats them all over again. Hopefully all within about ten seconds.
Women on the other hand feel emotions simultaneously.  

Just ask any member of the opposite sex.

I can't believe it when I hear men and women discuss their emotions with each other. They are talking about feeling emotions totally differently and nobody except me and now you realize what that difference is and that a difference even exists. When a woman asks a man 'What emotions do you feel?' he will usually list them in the order that he feels them starting with the strongest. One after another but she thinks that he is feeling them all at the same time. That is the main difference between the way men and women feel emotions. It is also the main difference between men and women.

Don't you 'feel' this is a huge advancement in psychology. Perhaps the greatest advancement in 100 years. Think about it.

Seem strange? Imagine what I went through when my sequentially oriented male brain tried to process the 8 simultaneous emotions of a woman who I once was.

Another way men and women are different is the way they respond emotionally to a statement. A woman usually starts to form an emotion about the subject about half way through the sentance whereas a man almost always waits until the sentance or paragraph is finished before he forms an emotion and with it his opinion. Men do not have one track minds...they have one track emotions.

Advertisers are soon going to realize this and use it. For instance if an ad is aimed at women they will start to weigh the front end of the sentances in their advertisements with more important information. With men they can even out the distribution of important information throughout the sentance or paragraph. Quote me...I'll accept a footnote.

'What do women want'?
More. That is pretty much it. That way they can afford to raise more children. Frankly it gives them an edge over the women who don't want more.

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