Another very simple solution to the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the confiscation of private homes.

Some of the states passed laws stating that any land a municipality sells has to be sold at auction to the highest bidder. That stopped not only all thefts of land but prevented about half of those officials from becoming corrupt.

I think another law which was used was that any land sold by the local government had be sold by a lottery system. However, I can't recall the details about how that one worked. Both of these methods were used to great success at first (and Kristi certainly would have liked the last one) but they were not the best solutions.*

In any case auctioning and lotteries made certain that crooked city officials could not sell any land that they confiscated to a specific person (who was paying them off). As you probably realize these laws were good for a lot of reasons. Selling land has always been one of the biggest causes of corruption among government officials. Probably only exceeded by 'donations'.


*These laws were used mainly in pre revolutionary war times when we were still colonies. I do recall parts of those laws...which is pretty obvious. The first law did not work very well because hired thugs would keep anyone else from bidding on the property. Then the states made them use a lottery system with sealed bids. I cant recall how that worked though.

I do remember that after awhile the second law did not work very well either. These two laws became obsolete by the time of the Continental Congress by which time other methods were found to work out much better.

I think with television and our free press these laws would actually work quite well these days. Back then if you made your feelings known about the city confiscating someone's property then yours would get confiscated next. So the town folk shut up real fast.

They would have a real hard time doing that today. Those tactics the leaders used would not shut anyone up now. Those tactics would just make people more upset and louder.


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