The memories of Thomas Jefferson.

(Not that I want them.*)



First let me get this out of the way: My services can be hired. I am not an attorney but since I wrote it I know more than a bit about Consititutional law.

Father: My son thinks he's a chicken.
Psychiatrist: How long has this been going on?
Father: All his life.
Psychiatrist: Why didn't you come to me sooner?
Father: We needed the eggs.

Now you are set up for this website. Temporarily put aside the question of whether or not I was Thomas Jefferson.* The important thing is do I deliver the eggs?

girlNext are all the eggs you could ever want.

For the most fun and maximum pleasure read about how Ben Franklin and I messed up everyone with our R-rated version of the Great Seal .

What is the very simple yet elegant and painless solution to the recent Supreme Court decision which allows the confiscation of private homes by municipalities like in New London Connecticut in order to give it to a private enterprise?

The simplest method to prevent municipalities from confiscating private property is to use the state or the Federal Government to prevent it as I describe here which leads to this one here. Or the person can sell their property to the U.S. Army and then buy it back. Full details are here. Here is another simple solution. This is another method which I personally liked a lot. What the uncontrolled confiscation of property will lead to if you don't stop it.

There were many other methods that we also often used. I can't seem to recall most of them.

- Personal memories from 200 years ago
THE LAWS- Memories of the laws then compared to the laws now.
NOW- Comments about the present day using the skills I had 200 years ago.


It was always about liberty and not about freedom as most American's now claim. Liberty is a state of existence. Freedom concerns actions and is anarchy in the truest sense of the word, no matter how good the intent. The individual freedoms such as freedom of speech were a right that harmed no one since you could always walk away from a person who was practicing that right. Why did we used the word freedom instead of Liberty? That is one of the many secrets and details of the United States Constitution that I explain.

The real earth shakers are the caveats that I put in the Constitution which almost turns it upside down and makes it an important weapon in the war on terrorism. (Don't ever say that I am not a patriot.)

Why did Thomas Jefferson say the five years he spent in Paris were the most valuable and happiest years of his life? (It was the French women.)

Did the English or the Americans start the Revolution. (The Hessians did.) Also the real reason George Washington actually stood up in the boat when he crossed the Delaware and how he got the Hessian army totally stoned.

A lighter view of the Declaration of Independence .

Fort Monticello. The house that could withstand the most powerful cannons of the era.

What about the Louisiana Purchase which seems to contradict Jefferson's policy against expansion?

The lives of the blacks I knew. Included is Sally Hemmings info.

What of my conflicting and perplexing views on slavery and education which is only found in one single document? (It was an English forgery for propaganda purposes.)

A widow, her alligators and the widower in the White House (a good short story). Her arms smuggling husband who was our top smuggler during the war.

What on earth was Dolley Madison doing when she acted as the hostess of the White House for President Thomas Jefferson, a widower?

How come the forefathers did not ever seem to enjoy a love life?

About the horrible first 'White House' that nobody liked. Even Dolley didn't like it.

Short entries- At odds with the general consensus. For the concentration impaired. An accumulation of general information which has been forgotten in the last two centuries. Included is info about the many gay government officials in early America.

Also, Washington's duel with cannons, using birds to determine port locations, the reason for the Constitutions two year limit on appropriations by the military and the reason for Washington's monster cannons. Here.



By knowing the basis of laws you will be able to determine the Constitutionality of virtually any law yourself. (I stopped in the middle of this paper when I remembered that I wrote this all out when I was Thomas Jefferson. That information should be in my 27,000 papers at the Library of Congress. ) This was probably when I was starting my Vice Presidential service and in the fall or winter when I had nothing to do except to wait around for the English to assassinate President Adams.

A 1776 view of the legislation of morality.

How you can practice law and without a license but only in Federal Courts and why.

Slander, How the law has changed without actually changing.

A light hearted case study involving the legal status of alligators and crocodiles.

The Law against Treason and how it became ineffective.

Why lawyers were called alligators (and not sharks like we are referred to now).



Understanding Russia. It is not too late. It is not 'a riddle wrapped in a mystery...'

One person who had a very strong recall of their past lives was George Patton.



All legal information on this site is based on U.S. laws 200+ years ago. The information on this site should never be used in place of the advise of a present day attorney.

Please note: Remembering this particular past life had several problems that recalling my other lives did not have. I often skipped words and changed their order when I wrote the sentences on this web site. However, my biggest fear is that I might accidentally recall laws that were pre Revolutionary War and hence hang myself by my own petards because they won't necessarily be constitutional. Please excuse me if I accidentally do this. Now I am editing this 'lifetime' and correcting these mistakes as well as taking out duplicates of the information which is another thing I did.

*Ok, maybe I was not TJ in a previous life. I can't say for a whether or not I was in fact him. I can only say that I have his memories going back to his childhood. I also have his skills, his knowledge of the law and everything else that made him who he was.

So what does it really matter if I was him or not? I can still do what he did. Isn't that what is really important? What more could you really ask for? Could I possibly be a medium channeling his spirit? There you go by even thinking this might exist then you give credence to the 'spiritual option' of there possibly being an other worldly explanation for my knowledge.

Also, why would Thomas Jefferson's spirit put up with such a con? I never would be a party to any such deception.

By the way, how do you like your eggs cooked?

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