Frederic Auguste Bartholdi's model for the statue remains a mystery.

Some say the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty was Jean-Pierre David's-

La Liberte and others say it was Delacroix's-

Liberty Leading the People both of which are in the Louvre. However it was neither.

Then people question who the model was. Some say it was..

Isabella Eugene Singer, the wife of the man who invented the sewing machine but her face comes nowhere near the face of Liberty. The nose and mouth are similar and the eyes are kind of close but the rest of her facial features of way off. She also has a much different shaped body and you can easily see she is about twice as chesty.

While others think his mother Charlotte Bartholdi posed for the face but there isn't one chance in two million that she was the model. The only thing similar is her nose and it's just too thin. Her shallow eyes, thin eyebrows, thin lips, high forehead, wide chin that is flat in front all says it is someone else.

Freud would have fun with old Batholdi's giant woman obsession. And that brings us to the second reason the model could not have been his mother. She is hate filled. His mother's cold piercing eyes and tightly pursed lips mean she is a control freak and intolerant to allowing others their liberty.

His every thought about his mother would have bound him up even more, so his mother would have been the last person that he ever would have used as his model.Of course to get free from her it was liberty itself that Bartholi's life had to revolve around. As a result it ended up being a long search for liberty and his quest for his liberation is seen in most of his art work...

such as this statue for the Paris Airport and these 'girls next door'.. the U. S. Capital aka the Bartholdi Fountain at Bartholdi Park.

Are these 'girls next door' the same ones as the Playboy 'Girls next door' Not at all.

The fountain hosts and features these 'three sea nymphs' while the Playboy show does it for these 'three nymphs, see'?

Can you imagine what old Sigmund's anal-ysis would have been of the wrecks that were created by the repression of Bartholdi's emotions towards women?

I can. Want to see..



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