Over 90% of those statements of issue are found in a single document which was a forgery.


1781-1782 was at a time of stalemate in the Revolutionary War. Fighting was intractable and the occupation by the English was getting expensive for them.

We were simply attempting to just outwait them until they would leave. (Obviously due to the many similarities I sometime have an immediate adverse knee jerk reaction if someone mentions the invasion of Iraq and to a lesser extent Afghanistan.)

It was only the support of the French with their massive amounts of aid that made it possible to survive this period of time. We were depleted of money by 1778. That was only a year after the war started..

So the English added a new tactic which was rather novel. They set about undermining our reputation throughout the world.

The English had a list of primary targets and I was third on that list after George Washington and Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin moved to the top of the list by 1779-1780. He was far more responsible for America's independence than anyone realizes.

To undermine me, who was the Governor of Virginia at the time, the English used the Notes on the State of Virginia which was a yearly state report which was sent out worldwide. .

The English changed the Notes to made a monstrosity out of them, translated it into French and had it published it in France. Then every time one of the Lords got drunk and upset at me he would put down the money to have another 10,000 copies printed.

I don't know when it was published in English. The insanity is that everyone accepts it as the truth without a single question as to the possibility of it being a forgery and just anti-American propaganda.

Lets take it sequentially. First. here is an example of the original format and straight forward style of the fact sheet.

An exact description of the limits and boundaries of the state of Virginia?_Limits

Virginia is bounded on the East by the Atlantic: on the North by a line of latitude, crossing the Eastern Shore through Watkins's Point, being about 37 degrees.57' North latitude; from thence by a streight line to Cinquac, near the mouth of Patowmac; thence by the Patowmac, which is common to Virginia and Maryland, to the first fountain of its northern branch; thence by a meridian line, passing through that fountain till it intersects a line running East and West, in latitude 39 degrees.43'.42.4" which divides Maryland from Pennsylvania, and which was marked by Messrs. Mason and Dixon; thence by that line, and a continuation of it westwardly to the completion of five degrees of longitude from the eastern boundary of Pennsylvania, in the same latitude, and thence by a meridian line to the Ohio: On the West by the Ohio and Missisipi, to latitude 36 degrees.30'. North: and on the South by the line of latitude last-mentioned. By admeasurements through nearly the whole of this last line, and supplying the unmeasured parts from good data, the Atlantic and Missisipi, are found in this latitude to be 758 miles distant, equal to 13 degrees.38'. of longitude, reckoning 55 miles and 3144 feet to the degree. This being our comprehension of longitude, that of our latitude, taken between this and Mason and Dixon's line, is 3 degrees.13'.42.4" equal to 223.3 miles, supposing a degree of a great circle to be 69 m. 864 f. as computed by Cassini. These boundaries include an area somewhat triangular, of 121525 square miles, whereof 79650 lie westward of the Allegany mountains, and 57034 westward of the meridian of the mouth of the Great Kanhaway. This state is therefore one third larger than the islands of Great Britain and Ireland, which are reckoned at 88357 square miles.

That is all there was to it. Boring as can be. More? We are going to jump into the most exciting part so prepare yourself for the geology section.

I have seen, were some of them of a white as pure as one might expect to find on the surface of the earth: but most of them were variegated with red, blue, and purple. None of it has been ever worked. It forms a very large precipice, which hangs over a navigable part of the river. It is said there is marble at Kentucky.

It's a government report so what did you expect, Uncle Tom's Cabin? Well that is what the English made it into by placing crap like you are about to read. This is one of many paragraphs in that propaganda concerning blacks that people complain about.

They are more ardent after their female: but love seems with them to be more an eager desire, than a tender delicate mixture of sentiment and sensation. Their griefs are transient. Those numberless afflictions, which render it doubtful whether heaven has given life to us in mercy or in wrath, are less felt, and sooner forgotten with them. In general, their existence appears to participate more of sensation than reflection.

It's irrational to think it was ever part of a Virginia State report. This next is one of the other parts that people protest and it is about education.

Of the boys thus sent in any one year, trial is to be made at the grammar schools one or two years, and the best genius of the whole selected, and continued six years, and the residue dismissed. By this means twenty of the best geniusses will be raked from the rubbish annually, and be instructed, at the public expence, so far as the grammer schools go.

Nothing in it can be correlated with any policy I ever made or legislation I wrote (or signed) concerning public education in my entire life. This implies among other things that I had scant regard for 100% of the girls and 95+% of the boys. That was never my policy about education or anything that I ever wrote on education. My attitude was that everyone can benefit from an education and so should have one. (Actually democracy can only survive if people can read.)

Realize that those two things that people most object to concerning Thomas Jefferson are found only in this one document. There is nothing even remotely similar to to either one of of these offensive remarks in any of the other 27,000 papers that I wrote, which are in the US archives, which you can read online here. Try to prove me wrong by finding one similar comment in any one of those 27,000 papers. I dare you!

The first paragraph of the modified Notes which is an advertisement should be read as it indicates some of the butchery that was involved. (Ignore the dates though.)

The following Notes were written in Virginia in the year 1781, and somewhat corrected and enlarged in the winter of 1782, in answer to Queries proposed to the Author, by a Foreigner of Distinction, then residing among us. The subjects are all treated imperfectly; some scarcely touched on. To apologize for this by developing the circumstances of the time and place of their composition, would be to open wounds which have already bled enough. To these circumstances some of their imperfections may with truth be ascribed; the great mass to the want of information and want of talents in the writer. He had a few copies printed, which he gave among his friends: and a translation of them has been lately published in France, but with such alterations as the laws of the press in that country rendered necessary. They are now offered to the public in their original form and language.

Let's get into details. They are saying that the real Notes were a forgery and that these are the real ones. It's an excellent propaganda technique.

The speech patterns and even the words of the added sections were often never used in the Americas. It's certainly not American or 'Bastardized' as the English and even the French often called it.

It's not at all my writing style.The eloquent nature of all of my writings are completely lacking in those erratic writings so why do people believe them?

I am befumbled but never surprised about how gullible people can be.


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