Sex and the Single President

Why of all the forefathers is Ben Franklin the only one who seemed to have a randy bone in his body?

It's England's fault. They were looking for any moral travesty to justify an invasion and so were the French and Germans. There were only a few ways they could legally invade the US according international laws and the moral clause was the major one they were trying for most of all. I think India was invaded by the British based on their supposed lack of morality. Many of the upper class of England had far worse morality than did the people of India who were simply open about their sexuality. It became necessary for the big powers to hide all their perverts just so they could claim the moral high ground which would allow them to take over other countries..

Nobody wanted to have the English return so anything provocative was kept out of the papers. Ben Franklin had a team of men who wandered around to the various newspapers and to basically anyone with a printing press. They made it clear that if the English returned then they would be forced into printing for them. They 'might likely' be seen as turncoats and not make it to England while still breathing. That was all it took. The 'while still breathing' part meant that we did not even want their bodies in America and they would be sent to England as a warning to the English. Well that is how close an invasion was for about 30 years

The following is the only reason I now have for exposing the sexual information you will find on this web site. Today's political leaders are expected to live up to the ideal of the prudish forefathers which didn't exist. It must be frustrating for today's politicians. They have no flexibility in their lifestyle and it seems to be impossible for them to ever enjoy the freedoms that the rest of Americans enjoy. Yet Americans also want these same politicians to fight for their freedom. It's the biggest hypocrisy I've seen in modern America.

I hear mainly two rational's for this restriction Americans place on their leaders. They place the bar at a level relative to the behavior of both people in the Bible (selectively chosen) and the forefathers of this country.

Because of both confusion and intolerance too often these well meaning people think of the two groups as the same and expect their politicians to be saints. If a politician acts like a saint then there will be a waiting group of competing politicians with a cross and someone selling nails.

A leader really can't give you what they don't have to give. If the American people restrict them until they are unhappy then their politicians are not going to care about their constituents happiness. Would you if you were in their place?

So I can do something about the second category by exposing what was kept from the papers at least as far as some of the escapades of Thomas Jefferson are concerned.

I won't try to change you. What I will do is tell you the truth about the forefathers and you will change yourself. Then maybe you will allow a few infractions of morality like you want them to allow you. If you allow your politicians some leeway in the future like the French do then they will want to support your freedoms a lot more.

Addition information about sex can be found on the following pages. The Widow, Alligators and the Third President, The Great Seal fiasco, about the Presidents Residence and last the page involving more sex than all the others Paris in the 1700’s, after Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin was out of the National government at this time which started in the 1780's and so whatever he did or whatever got reported had no direct effect. So the English could not use his reputation or actions against us.

I would not have minded the reputation as I certainly deserved it and the lady friends that it would have attracted. I was a widower and I was open about those issues. Did you think that after my wife died that I had queer fancies or forgot that my wand was useful for something other than writing my name with in the snow?

The forefathers were not inhibited or they would have been happy with English rule. Then you would not have an United States of America from where you can safely stand and complain when others wave their own magic wands when we all know it is because they don't have one to wave.*

The limited information you have was sanitized for British consumption and to keep us free. It would not be right for me to get into the moral beliefs of these great men in any case. That was for them to do in their time and if their wishes are to be honored it should be allowed to stay the way it is.

I'll only show you one proof that what I say is true. The front of the Great Seal as designed by Thomas Jefferson was found acceptable. If you look at it closely

That impish eye is peeking at two of the most shapely girls ever seen in America at the time. They are Hugh Hefner style DD ladies in shear chiffon gowns that cling in all the right, but politically incorrect, places. This side of the seal was approved by all but two members of the entire Continental Congress.

I doubt there have been many if any proposals that have been approved in congress by so wide a margin since then. So most of the forefathers had that party animal in them whether they were married or exercised the right to party.

Ben's design on the other side was rejected and saved us from further drudgery like this. For the details about the Great Seal.

*It's not sexist. If they have a wand then it doesn't have any magic in it. They don't have any because they try to oppress others who have it. It's a tantric thing. The empowerment that woke up the French to their oppression after four hundred years of no rebellions.



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