Why did Leif become a Christian?

Nobody could sway me to do anything so I was not converted by the King of Norway as some people suggest.

I had some issue with our native religion. For instance in our religion the Gods end up dying and I thought that was entirely wrong. It seems they should live, doesn't it to you?

Also, the ideals of the religion were not high. Everything seemed kind of limited and it never inspired me enough.

Also, there were certain spiritual skills that I had which it never addressed at all. For one thing I could see the auras or the halos around people which I simply called 'light'. I could even see light around animals so people often asked me to take care of their sick livestock. (I could see auras better then in that life than I can in this one.)

I'd be sitting with a friend and say 'Your not healthy are you?' and then I would tell them that I knew this because their light did not have enough green in it to be healthy. They would look at me really strangely because my father Eric the Red, had those seizures that caused him to lash out violently. He had even killed someone once during one so my friend would wonder whether I was going to do the same thing. Since loud noises and fast movements seem to set my father off my friend would slowly and quietly get up and very slowly leave the area. So I would not talk about it that much, though I wanted to.

One of the Viking rules was that you should never cause confusion or consternation in another person so I kept pretty quiet about it.

As you can probably guess there was a whole side of my personality that I could not expose to anybody.

The very first time I went into a Christian Church guess what I saw? This style of iconographic painting and others that were similar.


I thought I was the only one in the world that had ever seen the light around people and then suddenly I am looking at about 40 paintings and every single one of them has the light. There was one picture of a man whose light extended out about five feet and that really impressed me. I stood in that church for two hours just looking in awe at those paintings.

Suddenly I went from being alone with my spiritual understanding's to suddenly finding an entire religion that fully accepted it.

I was improperly dressed since I was just out for a walk when it started to rain and I had come inside to get out of it. Also I had brought no money which I thought I needed to pay so I left the church. I came back three days later dressed in my best clothes. I met the priest. It took some to work up of my courage but I managed to delicately broach the subject of the light with him. The painting that had the light extending out five feet from the man was one of Jesus and that impressed me a lot.

The priest casually informed me that he could not see the light. I was pretty shocked about that since he had talked about it so casually that I had assumed he saw the light too. I may have been visibly let down because he turned and looked away while I regained my composure.

After about fifteen seconds he realized why I had asked him about the light in the first place so he slowly turned back to me and with a twinkle in his eye he casually said to me 'Although I don't see that light it is certainly alright if other people are able to see it.'

That was the end of Leif the heathen. Soon I was baptized and began my life as a Christian.

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2003 John Pinil