Hunting Polar Bears with spears
Wildlife Science -Polar Bearology 101:

Leif Ericson brought down about thirty five full grown Polar Bears alone and a few more with dogs and/or other people. Read this information before you sympathize with the Polar Bears. And read this page about how he almost became a Leif sandwich for a polar bear.

Next is how to kill polar bears.

You have to get it right every time or you end up as part of his food chain. Basically Polar Bears are the only land mammal that will always consider humans as food.

To kill Polar Bears you get the tools and training that I got as Leif. 

First you need to throw a spear for eight years. Not to get accurate but to be able to remain accurate in life or death situations. Like when a hungry 1000 pound Polar Bear is running at 25 mph to make a meal out of you.

Then you get two spears like these. You are lucky because these spears are state of the art for the 11th century. (I once had to use a very old and brittle whale bone harpoon when one was chasing me but my father, Eric, once used a kitchen knife to kill one that had set up an ambush for us right outside our house.)

This is all you get to kill polar bears with.

Look at what the Polar Bear gets to kill you with.

The Polar Bear has these 2 1/2 inch claws to kill you with.

He can use all ten of them about forty times as fast as you can throw the two spears. That is 400 times the weapons divided by two which gives him a 200 to one advantage over you in a 'fair' one on one fight.

They swat each other a lot with those sharp claws, so they are wary of being clawed by other bears, but I am not finished yet.

In addition to the claws he has fangs like knives about two inches long and he can crush any bone on any animal in North America or Europe with them and that includes humans and most whales.

Remember that he can out run a reindeer and you can't. The Polar Bears of a 1000 years ago were twice as mean as the Polar bears they have today but possibly not quite as smart. The Polar Bear weighs at least four times as much as you  and is used to killing seals and sea lions that weigh a ton or more.

OK, so how do you kill a Polar Bear with two spears?

Here is how



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