How to remember your own Viking lifetime.

Since you are reading this page you perhaps have past lives as a Viking. Otherwise you will not have much interest in this web site and no interest in this page.

If you are like many people you sometime get a glimpse or memory of a previous life. It usually stops after a couple of glimpses. Why?

Every memory has an emotion associated with it. It's that emotion which stops the memories from flowing.

You must deal with the emotions and integrate them with who you are today. When you do that then the memories keep coming.

I was 29 years old before I even believed any of this stuff was real.

I dated a psychic woman then.

Her not wanting any limitations on her own mind and spirit allowed me to loosen the bindings on my own mind and spirit.

That started a flood of information from the spiritual realms including memories of this Viking past life.

Then one year later when I became a Tibetan Buddhist it gave a framework to this process. The process of eliminating conflicts of emotion be it in this life, other lives or between this one and past lives is often part of the process we call Buddhism.

A systematic method using meditation worked very well for me.


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2003 John Pinil