Leif's Viking sisters

I know, the records (sagas) say Leif only had one sister but remember that the Sagas were passed on orally for many generations before they were written down so any brothers or sisters that did not play a main part in the Sagas were not left in or were forgotten about because they were seen as unimportant to the story itself.

When I had something to do my sisters used to interfere a lot.

Like on the previous page when I had to melt water to make ice to encase the body of a person who had died  (to keep animals away until they could be buried in the spring when the ground thawed out).

I had to use the lamp that lit the house to melt the snow. You could only melt a half cup at a time. It was supposed to take only two days to melt the amount that was needed but in actual practice it usually it took about four days since half the time somebody would drink the cup of water that took you a half hour to melt so you had to start over again. And you had to deal with anger management issues since they should have just eaten snow and left the water alone. But they were my sisters usually and you can't do anything to Viking sisters and they knew this whereas you can beat up Viking brothers if it's important and your mother doesn't find out.

One sister would attract my attention while the other would drink the water. They would keep doing this until they had to pee every hour and then they would continue to do it just to mess with me.

When my own sister stole the water it may seem like it was absurd and even a little crazy but later when I became a merchant it gave me the patience to deal with pilfering and especially those thieves that would work in pairs.

Don't get me wrong, these are signs of great sisters and valuable teachers of patience. This unique type of friendship is covered more on this page of what 'characteristics made Vikings a different people'

Allowing friends and family to playfully find your weaknesses was one of those things that made the Vikings strong.

I'll just bet that both of my sisters have reincarnated as Icelandic women. They were both really smart women/souls.

My first sister, Freydis, always met guys who were oafs. She used to tell her friends about a man she was wasting her time on by saying. 'The most exciting thing he's ever done was to learn to write his name.'*

She was easy to handle. All I had to do was patronize her and it got her really upset which was really great to do to your Viking sister.

My other sister got crazy when I'd patronize her and then she would realize it and get really upset which was really great to do to your Viking sister. It had the effect of giving her patience so she waited and met more guys than did Freydis.

I'll bet my second sister must work in foods or transportation. She was always concerned about food and going places so that would be the type of work she would chose. Probably she also works near the airport. Maybe she got ambitious and became one of the Ministers of maybe Agriculture or Transportation of Iceland.

They always argued about every thing. They would argue over whether the sun was as big as their finger or as big as the space between their eyes. It just went on and on like this all day long. If you said anything like 'you are being childish' then they both would turn to each other and exchange thoughts without saying any thing and then turn back to me and say 'yes' or 'no' at the exact same instant.

My sisters were very light hearted and funny. Once they got to know a person they were hilarious. They could get you laughing and you couldn't stop for anything. (Freydis was notorious for getting other girls to laugh until they peed.)

They really were great Vikings and the best sisters that Leif could have had.

The last time I saw my second sister was when I was leaving on my Viking ship at night. She had pulled the ramp back to very edge of the ship, then had my crew stand in front of the lamp so I couldn't see it. I'd vault on to ship (I always vaulted) by bouncing on the ramp so it would then spring me on to the ship. That time I fell with the ramp right into the freezing cold water.

I thought I owed her one for this but I just remembered that she was getting even with me. Several nights before I had left some berries that we used for coloring clothes dark brown on the toilet seat (a hole in a board) that left her with a smile. It was on the wrong end and upside down but it was a nice smile.
You can probably figure out why she felt she had to get even.

It would be very wonderful if she still has that same sense of humor as she had then. She is an 'angel of mirth' so it would not surprise me if she makes men roll in laughter and can even make girls pee.

Freydis talked a lot (all the time) and expressed herself with lots of eloquence. So now she probably speaks at least several languages and if she does then she just doesn't stop.

This is how Freydis saved most of the world,

*A lot of these sayings just don't work any more. This one says perhaps eight things about a person. That is how Vikings often talked with each other since our minds were pretty complex. But my sisters were exceptionally smart. I never could figure out the first one, Freydis, so she was really smart and the second one didn't allow or want me me to figure her out.

Learning to write your name when nobody knew how to write meant you had obtained a position of responsibility. It meant you were no longer a child but the signature did not make you mature. It makes the person look good on the outside but contributes nothing to the inner person.

Learning to sign your name was a bit exciting but far below that of a brother who hunted Polar Bears. I think it implies that he would make a good husband and wouldn't get eaten by polar bears but that is about all you could expect.

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