Any agency of the U.S. Government or those of her allies who wants additional information are requested to ask for said information. There is far more information that I never write down than I either put on my computer or put on the internet. If there is something specific that your agency is interested in then please ask. I probably have information on these subjects and more. Also, there is another involved with Government agencies. Most of the information provided on my web sites is for general consumption and lacks the depth and the technical details that most Government agencies require. Another factor is that I don't even bother to look at information that is not of interest to most people. So the kinds of information that the government would be interested in most I probably passed over or ignored.

Historical societies who are usually a bunch of ladies who often go on the internet may stumble on to one of my web sites and wonder how their group can prove what I state. Ask. I can tell you where George Washington's phallic demonstration of a huge cannon disappeared to and could be easily found with modern detecting equipment. Those who are interested in subject that are more serious I can point you near the graves of over 2,100 civilian Americans that were massacred by the English and then covered up as part of a deal (that I did not go along with at all).

Two things protect this information more that a copyright ever could.

The first is entirely logical and still tentative. It's the fact that about 15 million people in Scandinavia and another 35 million of Scandinavians who live elsewhere will be lauding this web site. The Scandinavian people are extremely protective of their heritage. Do you realize those ~50 million Viking descendants are going to be angry at you? Lots are going to be reverting to the old ways of vengeance. Five million are going to be screaming for blood and that is why this information is here. This way I can't be held responsible for not warning academic thieves beforehand and so all their anger will be direct at those who have stolen their heritage for personal gain and not me.

I don't want even one angry Viking seeking my blood certainly not a half a million or more. You already have this Viking angry at the person who has already stolen from my site. Soon that person will have a half a million more angry to the level of killing.

If it gets much worse then I will just explore a lifetime in India instead of Scandinavia and nobody will benefit except those who have already stolen from my site. But only for a very short while. Then they will have to deal with entire countries of Vikings who are far angrier at them for messing up a very good thing.

So you have been warned!


There is one other thing that I need to make very clear. The Bible had no glossary and you may need to know this. Archangel Gabriel is also known in the Bible and among Moslems as the Holy Ghost, Angel of the Lord, Spirit of the lord, Spirit of God and half of the time the Holy Spirit is referred to.

Luk 12:10 And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven.

2000 years ago they did not include in the bible the punishment for the theft of Archangel Gabriel's information, from God, for the purposes of financial gain and getting prizes of laurels.

It's the same punishment as blasphemy against the Holy Ghost or worse. With this having been stated I apologize if I should have done this before now. The theft of information published on this web site carries the same penalty as is spoken about in the Bible for blasphemy of the Holy Spirit if the Holy Spirit, Gabriel, contributed to the main concept. What would the Koran or the Bible if 10 pages were stolen from the writers and Kings put their names on them?

I try to give Gabriel credit every time he gives me information. In the middle of many of these pages and when I am using 100% logic I'll interject with, and credit, his information, in spite of the fact that I probably lose half those people reading my web site when I do.

It's very important for me to credit him.

An example is the page about the Constitution on the web site. Now listen to me. That was during the 'Age of Reason' so the entire web site had nothing on it but logic. I was presenting it with only logically derived information. I had 20 pages or more before Archangel Gabriel ruined my plans when he interjected something and told me to put it on line.

That one page I working on for at least 14 hours over two one week periods separated by two months time. It was perfect and would hold up against any attacks as there was not a single weakness in the logic. To back up my information with more solid evidence I was wondering about where some contingency plans had been stored for 200 years. These were for the defense of the U.S. and I thought they probably were stored in the Government records somewhere and I wondered where. He told me this

'Almost all of this evidence' Archangel Gabriel says, 'is still around the capital in various locations.'

I did not ask him either. Go read it, Why would I want to put those 13 words in if I didn't absolutely have to? Do you realize that three quarters of the people probably read that and then dismiss everything on the web site? The entire page is totally logical until you get right near the end. He trashed 14+ hours of work in three seconds and that is just one of them. There are four pages that he did the same thing to. . Here, Here and Here he told me something and I had to credit it all. Every time I had to put him in.

Could you imagine watching Jubak's journal on NBC Business with Jubak saying this:

Should you buy now that oil has finally closed above $60 a barrel? The answer is yes, even after Tuesday's big 4% decline to $58.20 a barrel -- if you buy carefully with an eye on getting the most bang for your investment buck. I know it can be scary buying into a trend that has run as long and hard as this one has. The price of oil is 60% higher than it was a year ago. And stocks in the sector have soared in that time. Apache (APA, news, msgs) has jumped 50%, Chesapeake Energy (CHK, news, msgs) has climbed 60% and Talisman Energy (TLM, news, msgs) has leapt 80%. The SPDR Energy (XLE, news, msgs) exchange-traded fund (ETF) for the sector is up 50%.

Mighty oaks from little acorns may grow, but Wall Street experience warns us that trees don't grow to the sky. All trends end some time. Bubbles burst. Stock rockets flame out. Today's $200 stock is tomorrow's $2 stock.

Next you will have to trust me when I tell you that I am getting this next bit of information from the most important angel God has, Gabriel. He says 'buy USA oil reserves.' All too true. But stock market history also shows over and over again that...

You are going to say Jubak's nuts and change the channel. And you won't watch Jubak's Journal ever again will you? So why would I do the same thing? Do you think I wanted to ruin those pages? Do you think that I would have added those 13 words and his name if I could have avoided it? That is how important it is to give him credit.

I am about as hard as nails but he can tear anyone apart or take control of their bodies. It's far too stressful and unfortunately he is unforgiving, very direct and very fast to anger. He will warn me with this question (and honest to God I believe this 100%); 'do you want to come over and work with me on this side?'

Ten seconds and I could be dead if I answered in the affirmative. He really means it too.

Why am I putting this information up. There is a high likely hood that this page is going to appear, whole or in part, in a magazine without the proper credit. Archangel Gabriel says 'by some guy who is near his retirement.' Gabriel then wanted me to make sure that this warning is clear so that he 'can go kill them before they destroy the world. '

If you steal from God then he just destroys the world. Gabriel adds; 'Well what do you expect? What would you do if you had an insect in a jar and he decided that all he wanted to eat was your flesh. Would you let him eat you from now on or would you smush him?'

It's either the deliberate thief pays or the entire world does.

It would be kind of fascinating wouldn't it? To see him in Old Testament action...on somebody else though.

This is what happens to those who violate this code:

Act 5:1 And a certain man, Ananias by name, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession,
Act 5:2 and did keep back of the price -- his wife also knowing -- and having brought a certain part, at the feet of the apostles he laid [it].
Act 5:3 And Peter said, `Ananias, wherefore did the Adversary fill thy heart, for thee to lie to the Holy Spirit, and to keep back of the price of the place?
Act 5:4 while it remained, did it not remain thine? and having been sold, in thy authority was it not? why [is] it that thou didst put in thy heart this thing? thou didst not lie to men, but to God;'
Act 5:5 and Ananias hearing these words, having fallen down, did expire, and great fear came upon all who heard these things,
Act 5:6 and having risen, the younger men wound him up, and having carried forth, they buried [him].
Act 5:7 And it came to pass, about three hours after, that his wife, not knowing what hath happened, came in,
Act 5:8 and Peter answered her, `Tell me if for so much ye sold the place;' and she said, `Yes, for so much.'
Act 5:9 And Peter said unto her, `How was it agreed by you, to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? lo, the feet of those who did bury thy husband [are] at the door, and they shall carry thee forth;'
Act 5:10 and she fell down presently at his feet, and expired, and the young men having come in, found her dead, and having carried forth, they buried [her] by her husband;
Act 5:11 and great fear came upon all the assembly, a
nd upon all who heard these things.


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