Why did I start this site?

Actually I wasn't sure when I started to write my memories down.

July 10, 2005 Being open about having memories of Eric son (Leif was not a name I responded to) is the truth. It's not needed though. an easy way to explain my knowledge. The life I had as a Viking woman tells tens of times as much about Viking life and Nordic culture. It's much more valuable as a source of information. It was only because of the prayers of little boys that I started to recall this life to begin with and these memories are the only gift I can give them in return.

If you read the pages they are written without sex and not too much violence (like little boys like). Almost all the pages are directed towards children. Those that seem more adult ( the raids and smashed in skulls) are for their parents. It's the parents decide after they read all the evidence as to whether they want to explain it their children and also how explain in their own words that the legacy of the 'violent Viking' is not true. It's important for parents to give their children that freedom as it gives their child more trust in their parents where it belongs and not in a web site which may conflict with what their parents think which is what they were told when they were a child.

I suddenly started remembering having been a Viking in one of my past lives. I read some information about Vikings for the first time then and kept finding things that were different than what I remembered.

The focus of the information I was writing was directed towards boys but didn't know why at first. They seemed to be a good audience to explain the audacious acts that the Viking Leif Ericsson got involved like riding a baby polar bear into town were not audacious at all.*

You may not realize this but children pray harder and with more innocent honesty than even the pope. And who is it they pray to?

At least during Christmas (when I wrote this) In Iceland Leif Ericsson seems to have edged out Santa Claus for the number two position after Jesus. Honestly, just ask little children in Iceland. I sense their prayers. Since I was him I cannot avoid them.

I could not figure out why children would pray to Leif Ericsson. Then I saw a photo of the statue of Leif Ericsson and behind it is the main church of Iceland, Hallgrimur's Church. Is there a statue of Jesus anywhere around or in the church? Usually there is a statue of Jesus but I looked at even the interior photos of the Church and there is a big organ but I could not see a statue of Jesus.

Children must refer to it as 'The Leif Ericsson Church'? Little boys and girls see the statue near the church and then they pray to Leif Ericsson. They should only be praying to God and then Jesus can delegate the prayers as appropriate instead of to Leif. It infuriates me.

As you know Leif had the highest ethics of anyone (I do too) so I made this web site to give them something back. I don't want what I can't pay for. I certainly don't want any problems later getting into heaven. I wish they would move the statue or put a divider up between it and the church.

At first I just recalled memories of being a Viking trader and I just wrote a lot of those memories down on this page because I thought people might like to read a first hand account of a Viking captain's life. I did not know my name then, I just knew that I was a captain of a Viking ship and that I had an exclusive trade route somewhere near or in England.

It turns out they were the Hebrides and that I had three sons and two daughter by the princess. Only later did I recognize parts of Leif's life from parts of the saga's as I read them. The saga's and the stories about Leif vary highly in their accuracy from totally messed up and inaccurate to totally accurate. It seems the most accurate story are the most absurd ones. I guess people thought those were already an exaggeration and nobody would believe them at all if they exaggerated or changed them at all.

These were questions about Leif and his life as well as questions about Iceland and North America a thousand years ago. Still I had no real reason to write this kind of information. It seemed like I was writing a children's book but I didn't realize it. Then I wondered about this focus and then stopped writing for the longest time. It was about four months I guess before I started to realize the reason for it.

I have figured out what is driving the prayers which are driving me. It's not just Icelandic boys prayers, it's prayers from boys everywhere. There are twice as many from England than all the other countries combined. In fact it is about 2 to 1 English to Icelandic boys. Boys that pray to Leif Ericson outnumber girls about 2 to 1 until the girls seem to reach the age of about 14 and then the English girls increase about 8 fold. However, the Icelandic girls increase even more to about 20 fold. Could someone explain this? Not the girl part, I think I have that one figured out but I don't understand the 20 fold increase in the Icelandic girls prayers. The boys and the girls prayers all taper off and then stop, probably when they start dating.


ADDED 25/3/05: This has got to stop. Those are not prayers at all that the women of Iceland are having. Those are up to 11,000 Icelandic women who every night are having erotic fantasy's about 'encounters' with Leif Ericsson!

It inflicts an energy or power on me that is both negative and insurmountable due to the large number of women involved. It's a rape but I guess it's OK as it perhaps offsets the prayers of the girls brothers which should not occur. Only God should receive their prayers.

There is nothing I can do and it will probably kill me or get me killed. Every man who was protective of their sister senses at least one that reminds him of her. That usually means his sister is involved with me or someone like her and that means to him that his own sister is 'my style' and so his reaction is automatic and highly negative. I'm just lucky I have not associated with any men who have murdered their sister's or daughters rapists or I might be dead by now. It's just a matter of time until something like that happens to me.

Also, for 15 years it has completely wrecked probably all my friendships and especially those with girlfriends. Every woman I go out with feels as though I am already dating 1,500 other women and you can realize that doesn't work for more than one night stands.

It's ruining my life and has highly adverse effects on me physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. However, I cannot block that energy because to do it I have to seal off my memories of that life. That God won't allow me do as that is part of my mission in this life. The life I lived as Leif was spent mostly in meditation as a captian of Viking ship. Others find the life of a sailor a good way to resolve inner issues such as I did and many others including even one Russian Admiral in the 1930's who learned Buddhist meditation.

That idle time spent at the helm allowed me to integrate .

I am not mad, I am just wondering why you pay a visit for the real Leif Ericson. I need the separation of the fantasy and the reality resolved to difuse this situation that exists and I don't know of any other way. I also think that is a great way to do it. If you understand it then write me or visit me and we will get together.


This is the famous statue of Lief Ericsson in Reykjavik, Iceland.



and this is the famous Icelandic church, Hallgrimskirkja also in Reykjavik, Iceland.


Somehow lots of children think that the statue of Leif has become associated with the church. And that must be the reason they seem to pray to Leif Ericsson.

This is a pretty big deal so I wish they would move the statue. It's quite disturbing too but I can't at the present say exactly why.

I'm sending this today to the Iceland Government to see if I can get the monument moved or a screen placed between it and the Hallgrimskirkja Church.

I'm concerned about the statue of Leif Ericsson in front of the Hallgrimur's Church.
I could not figure out why I made the web site www.leiflucky.com for children. Understand that I was Leif Ericsson and I always did justice to others in business and in personal affairs. Then I realized that many children were praying to Leif Ericsson and I had made the web site as gratitude for those prayers. I'm able to sense when a prayer is directed towards me since I'm a Buddhist.


*Why is this information different than what you have read in the past about Vikings? The information we have about Vikings comes from two sources. The Saga's which were written hundreds of years after the events occurred and the records by other people who were often enemies of the Vikings.

The proof of the inaccuracy of the saga's is evident to anyone who reads them. If you read about one person or one event in different sagas you will see huge differences. That is the proof that there are errors and these are big ones.

If you read the accounts of how Leif Ericsson discovered America there are at least two-

Someone else was lost in a storm and found it but did not land.

He was blown off course on his return from Norway.

And then there is this account from my memory and it the truth. It was a totally logical decision and involves getting wood for building without having to go to Norway and then row back against current and the wind. (So neither one of the written records are really correct.)

*This is one Saga that is totally accurate though it seems like fiction. That is only because it was taken out of context.

Riding the baby polar bear into town really happened. The strangest thing about the story it is one of the most accurate stories about Leif Ericsson in the Sagas. It's incomplete so I'll explain it..

It was not weird or wild at all. Well not the way I think even to this day. It was to save the baby Polar Bear. I got into a real lot of trouble for it too.

Everyone thought that it's mother would be angry and come into town after him and kill a lot of the dogs.

I explained that the nearest Polar Bears were a hundred miles from there at that time of the year, that it didn't have a mother so it must have come south on an iceberg. It followed me when I gave it some of my food (a mix of wild flowers, pollen and seed all ground up and made into cakes).

Then they got mad again because they said all the polar bears will smell him and they will think that if a baby can go into town then they can go into town too. That did not make the nearest Polar Bears any closer though. They were still all a hundred miles away.

Well, I was guilty I guess. So the lesson has to be, 'Don't ride Polar Bears into towns.'

However, I must add two important facts in my defense.

Viking adults didn't have much sense of humor and I made lots of money.

How did I make money? The bear was going to die of starvation but I had an idea. This bear was so friendly that I thought it would make a great pet. At the time brown bears were kept everywhere in Europe and in Asia as pets. I said to the bear 'If you were a pet in Europe you would be the only white bear and everybody would want to get to see you'.

I thought that would be a better deal for the bear than dying of starvation. So I had to take her to town to sell her, then they would ship her to Europe from there.

I was taking her to town when I realized that if I rode her through town everyone would know about her and would advertise her. All the people heard about her and came to see the bear and they all liked her. I got four offers for the bear and I so sold it for a lot of money.

So you can see why I say I started writing these memories for boys. You can also see that I fill in lots of blank spaces in recorded history with information that makes perfect and absolutely logical sense.

You may also see that memories are not perfect and I am missing some information that is in the records but who has a better memory of 1000 years ago? Or who even remembers even their early childhood as good as this.

Besides I fill in a lot more missing information than I leave out, like the information about the berserkers. and the English Monasteries that were raided by people in Viking ships.




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