Of course this is the first page, you would have come here first anyway. I do not want to be accused of pandering to your slightly bizarre sexuality.

Now I will proceed to help you understand your intense sexuality by pandering to it. You have unusual sexual attitudes (and you thought it had something to do with astrology).

I remember that world where I was the top male. If you are reading this site then you were directed to it and we probably knew each other. This is what I recall.

We like sex and so we often end up trying to set the beings of this world straight about it.

For us it is not complex, it's sex.

Do you know why you incarnated in this world at this liberating time? It is true that you came to this world to help but you didn't have to incarnate here. You can help on other worlds or you could have stayed in spirit and helped as an angel. There are two other reasons but mainly you came for the sex!

These human bodies have that one down. If there is one things human bodies are great for, it's sex.

Where we are from sex took about 30 seconds. This is the only world where sex lasts longer than five minutes (we do not include your last boyfriend in this generalization). So you may like it faster and often. You are not like those women who talk about their marathon men. I don't mean you prefer a sprinter since a sprint can be delicious. If you take an inch, you'll take a miler.

You are also extremely sensitive and highly tactile.

Our old world has less temperature swings so the skin has less nerves (nerves are mainly to warn us when it is cold) and we may cry out for more sensations. We enjoy them so much and can finally find satisfaction.

Sex was pretty casual. We often did it when we met. It was soul touching. The Bonobo Chimpanzee's of Central Africa have very similar personalities. Perhaps reading this published Scientific American article on this unique species at will explain a lot to you.

Don't get me wrong, we were in no way promiscuous but we were very sensitive to each other. When all conflicts were eliminated we knew it immediately. Then many times we offered to have sex with each other.

You think you have strange sexual attitudes? What about me? I have memories of Pleiadian sex life but my memories must be stronger than yours or I would be reading this on your web site. If you have similar memories then please contact me. I have trouble remembering certain things like our skin color. I am communicating with three Pleiadians who lived then. I am surprised at how much I have contributed to their understanding of that life. They certainly have contributed to the clarification of my memories.