How to remember past lives 

This is how I remembered my past lives. No one taught me how to do so. I had to figure out how to do it myself. I didn't even start recalling past lives or had any involvement with the psychic until I was 29. (So it is never too late.) I don't even know if there is anyone who teaches any techniques for remembering past lives.

Let's cut to the chase: Here is how I do it.

First understand that every memory of a past life (mainly in the form of dreams at first) is associated with a powerful unresolved emotion. That specific emotion/karma is why you have had that past life vision. You are supposed to experience and integrate (accept) that emotion. It is simply your subconscious wanting to clear the blockages so the memories can flow

Got it?

You will 'see' the memory and feel a strong emotion that is associated with it. Often the memory was of a death that obviously you were not able to resolve in that lifetime or since then. You usually must resolve that emotion before another memory will come up from that particular life. Block or cut short fully experiencing those emotions and any further past life memories from that particular life will automatically become blocked. Resolve the emotion(s) and more memories will come up. Resolving the emotions is most easily done by repeatedly viewing the memory until it gets boring. Just recall that memory time and again until it doesn't emotionally bother you anymore. Congratulations, you have just viewed the memory until the emotional content became integrated into your being. You're now ready for the next memory. The memories get less emotional and easier to deal with from here on. Unimpeded they automatically come up faster and faster and then they can flood into your conscious mind. They become a lot of fun.

I had to figure this out on my own mainly while backpacking in Asia for about 4 years. There may be other techniques and a few people who are teaching methods of remembering past lives but I don't know of any. 

It's not hard to remember past lives if you have ever had a memory of one. If you have not had such an experience and want to have one then wish for it, pray for it and generally focus on it by meditating on it and reading accounts of past lives. Communicate with people who recall them so they can support you. You probably have at least three friends who have past life memories. The statistics are that over 20% of Christians believe in reincarnation. (Here) Then there are over a billion Hindus and 300 million Buddhists whose faith is based in large part in reincarnation.

Stay away from or ignore those people who would outright deny you without evidence. (Good advice for anyone about anything.) Meditate. And highly consider talking with your mother about it. Especially if you are a man. Mothers do a wonderful job of convincing sons that the esoteric (including past lives) exists. It takes no time at all. Isn't it about time that you had a good heart to heart with your mother?

Then leave yourself open. Likely you will start to remember past lives. Recalling past lives is not for everyone, maybe only one in fifty people are drawn towards it. If it is for you then you will know it. You won't be able to deny it.

Later on the emotions will become sweet, divine and simply sublime. Mostly it's the first memories that are the difficult ones. They will be of highly emotional events that you either suppressed in that life (so it is coming up now) or else you died before you could deal with it fully.** Deal with the emotions and more memories will come up. Keep on and they start coming up faster and faster. Also, they will become more and more complete and complex with more details like odors. 

BeautifulIt is incredible to actually remember a summer day and the subtle breeze that came across a five mile wide field of wildflowers. I mean the overwhelming fragrance that it brought in some life in either Norway or Scotland long, long ago will to this day completely inundate my very being, suffusing me completely intoxicated for a few extremely delightful minutes!

However, the most fun I remember having was when I was a Tibetan or Mongolian. I would catch a very powerful wild stallion. Over 9 days I would gently bend him completely to my will. (By changing things in his environment.) On the 9th day I would jump on him and let him run. He'd put all of his frustrations of the last 9 days along with all the energy that he had built up into a dead run that would last for ten miles or more. Then the horse and you would both completely collapse and fall totally in love. That stallion and you would become inseparable best friends until one of you died.

The feelings generated by past life memories I could never describe. It was far better than sex. In point of fact it was so powerful that it burned into my memory for 800+ years. I have often tried to recapture that high. I usually own fast sports cars! Past life memories can get pretty expensive and I will tell you this. A Porsche 911 isn't near as much fun as the rush you get from riding a half wild stallion across the Mongolian Steppes!

It took me a long time to get to the point of remembering past lives that clearly. I may have recalled one or two past life memories before I started meditating at 29 but that is all. They started coming up about 6 months after I started meditating and it only happened when I figured out that I had to deal with the emotions. It took a long while to get the 'pump' primed and the memories flowing. I say 'pump' because the recalling of past lives almost became as automatic and mechanical as that.

I no longer have memories come up on their own and surprise me very often. That'ss because I can access most of my memories in 70 past lives randomly and drectly. Due to my having Chronic Fatigue my past life memories are often stronger and clearer than my memories of events in this life! I must admit that to this down to earth quadruple Taurus I do find it a bit strange when a 200 or 400 year memory is stronger than a 2 year old one. I think anyone would!

Besides the expense of addictions like horses it is not always that easy dealing with past lives. When I start to recall Jesus I just tingle all over from his power...even 2000 years later. It wasn't his words, it was his presence that stunned almost everyone into complete silence. Almost every time I try to recall that life I am so overwhelmed by his power that I lose focus and feel as though I am about to pass out. Powerful and exuding a masculinity that reached up to the sun peoples faces often got blistered from the rays Jesus gave off. A full on incarnation of Brahma. Aka Gabriel. Go Jesus!

Well it is obvious that I have not dealt with all the emotions I have involving our lord! Among my past lives are some real fun ones and if desired I can come back to them later on and integrate/experience them when I have more time.***

Anyway that's how I did it. I really thought out this technique myself and surprise, surprise something worked exactly as I thought it would for once. Now I organize my lives into groups and sub groups but that is not important here. If you want to use these techniques then I hope they work for you. Do meditate and adopt a practice if you are drawn to a specific one.

What else helps? Crave to remember them is the best thing of all. Also, be near a person who remembers their past lives. It seems to rub off and induces the inner connections about half the time.  Many Tibetan Buddhist transmissions actually can hook you up to past lives if you are open to them. Surprisingly the main person who help me hook up inside to my subconscious/spiritual levels was Yogi Shri Vethathiri Maharishi.  I sat at his feet for about 20 days. Hindus seem to have more interest in recalling their past lives because it is such a large part of their belief system.

Who knows what it takes to 'get there'. With my luck I will meet a Catholic Nun who will tell me to my face that she hooked up to 85 past lives while genuflecting in a convent! It is whatever you are most familiar with that will direct you to understand what it is that you need to learn. Even better is if it supports you.

I became a Tibetan Buddhist mainly because of familiarity due to my recent past life memories. (I have had at least 7 in the past 1400 years.) Also, they accept reincarnation as a truth. The Dalai Lama has a really great appreciation of it here. Others have remembered their past lives like Lhatse Jampal. In 1980 I was given a Ngondro teaching by the head of the Sakya Sect in Los Angeles. We even got to drink out of a skull. I also studied with Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche, the Dalai Lama's head weather controller. He was and still is a lot of fun. I now live down the hill from Garchen Rinpoche in Arizona. I became a Tibetan Buddhist because I have lots of past lives as a Tibetan Buddhist. I have friends though whose past lives were mostly Hindu and it is just as a good a path if you are drawn to it.

**My first and perhaps most painful past life memory was one of those kinds of memory. Growing up I had spasms in my left shoulder until it was larger than my right shoulder. One night I had a dream where I was walking along a trail next to cliff. I was in a hunting party and we were probably native Americans or Hawaiians. Some one yelled out and almost as fast a huge boulder came down on my left shoulder and painfully crushed me to death. I awoke and realized it was a past life memory and not wishing to suffer any longer in this life for something that appears to have happened in a previous life I let the emotions of pain and anger at dying overwhelm me. I was about to doze off when I realized that I should go through it again. So I remembered the dream all over again and of course the pain that came with it. It was diminished! Good. So I went through it a third time and it was even less painful. I just kept on recalling that memory as well as the pain and anger until there was no more pain or anger. It just petered out after awhile and I was left with the memory of dying and nothing else. The spasms went away and within a month or two my left shoulder shrank down to the size of the right one.

That is how I started and that is how I began to develop my technique.

*** I have already dealt with most of the serious and difficult emotions from that life as Joanna including my own death as well my beating and torture by Jewish leaders. It's about time I have some fun with my memories as an early Christian.

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