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Predictions that I have made

These are two predictions that I made right after September 11, 2001. They were so solid that I published them and are the first ones that I published. One of these came true almost right away and the other one has essentially been confirmed by the FBI.

>October 6, 2001 : My vision was of a suspension bridge overlaid with a 747 as the next terrorist target. I see the concrete with one large crack in it but the bridge is not destroyed. I felt it to be either NY or SF. I don't know of any suspension bridges in NY. That and the fame of the Golden Gate bridge leads me to believe it to be the target. Whether it involves a plane or a load of nitrates in a truck I have no idea but I am pretty sure they aim for the suspension or its supports.

I saw Ben Ladin stays a lot in the Pakistan town (Peshawar?) that he used to live in and he flew back and forth without a problem. This is in the past. He stayed upstairs 2 floor or higher in a Hotel with a ceiling fan where children played outside. There were two guards of his outside the room.
He is being forced to move today. He may be handed over to the US today or within a few days...TBA<

I placed this information on this site: . It is still there. This is the first prediction that I felt so certain about that I published (and dated) on the registry internet web site for psychic predictions. It is quite valid. I told my friends this and one said the first was a million to one shot. Another said that I must be crazy because the Taliban would never consider giving up Osama Bin Laden but I was soon proven to be very accurate.

The first prediction was confirmed a month later when California Governor Davis announced:

Security tightened at Calif. bridges after threat--Security tightened at Calif. bridges after threat-- Gov. Gray Davis said Thursday the state is beefing up protection of its suspension bridges after receiving a threat to destroy one of them....CNN-News 11/01/01


"The FBI is in possession of uncorroborated information indicating the possibility of additional terrorist attacks against the United States, specifically the West Coast. Reportedly, unspecified groups are targeting suspension bridges on the West Coast. Six incidents are to take place during rush hour beginning Friday, November 2 and continuing through November 7, 2001." CNN 11/02/01

It's still the next attack in the U.S. By the way this is the event that triggers ~300 attacks in the US. The message was misinterpreted by the FBI. It's not six events but that the attack on the Golden Gate Bridge is supposed to trigger only six other cells to. Only Osama has told over three hundred cells in the US and about another 700 worldwide that they are one of the six cells.

The Taliban's offer to hand over Osama Bin Laden did occur about a week later. It was predicated by President Bushes demand for Osama Ben Laden, which was not even put forth until six days after my prediction was published on the internet. So when I made that prediction nobody in the world knew that the Taliban would ever make a counter offer to Bushes demand that had not even been issued.. (

We probably could have gotten him too. The Taliban only needed a small concession in order to save face in the Moslem world. They only asked that they hand him over to a neutral country in order to face trail but Bush could have chosen a country which would have then handed him over to the U.S. That would have been fine with the Taliban and that was their intent. They hated Osama after September 11 since he was the one that brought them so much trouble and got them kicked out of Afghanistan. They thought President Bush would catch on to this and would play along but he didn't.