The three primary archery tactics that we used

One thing we relied on was that the enemy acted like a cross between the near idiots many of them were and children.

First we planted about 2,000 archers on a hill with a low area behind it. Then we would line up about 5,000 of our men in front of the archers. The enemy would move up about 45,000 of their troops to face our 5,000 men.

Our archers would shoot arrows over our troops and into the opposing troops. You could hear the twangs of the strings, the whoosh through the air and then the deafening BOOM when the arrows hit the shields of the enemy.


Once your arrows hit the enemy's shields they would drop their shields and make fun of you just like they did in the movie 'Braveheart'. It's the universal soldier's attitude towards the other side. The soonest our archers could launch another arrow was in about six seconds so the opposing side often would not even bother looking up for a few seconds. They would be really foolish at first but start to look for incoming arrows after about six seconds.

We would not allow our archers to fire independently though. First, there was the drum beat followed by a quickening beat. Then the beat would stop and when you heard a hard double beat it was the signal to fire the arrows. Then we would start the process over again. This was a twenty second cycle and the enemy could follow it easily so they loved and trusted it.

The sky would often be darkened with arrows as they flew in so the enemy would make a game of chicken out of it and put up their shields right at the last half of a second before the arrows hit.

We would do this silly cycle about 4 times. As the enemy would joke around we would sneak in behind our archers the rest of our troops (over 30,000 men). These were armed with bows and arrows. Anybody could shoot arrows and all of our soldiers were expected to do this at times.

The back row had very light colored arrows. When the cadence hit the beat, both groups of archers let their arrows fly but 1 1/2 seconds apart. The first group of arrows would then hit the enemy's shields just as it had 20 times before. Then 1 1/2 seconds later just as 42,000 shields were being lowered 30,000 more arrows flew in. The archers in the rear would rake the enemy with light colored arrows they couldn't even see against the light colored sky. Many of the enemy stood there in disbelief with their sheilds lowered. They would lift their shields only after about 20 seconds. In that 20 seconds we had killed 40-60% of their troops.

We had won the battle without a single loss of life. Some of the enemy did not know we had won and were so stupid that they could not figure out what we had done. If they did not turn and leave then we would do it again and kill another 15-25%. If they did not leave then, we would kill all of them with swords.

You don't know what war is like until you see that kind of slaughter of stupidity. It makes you, not them, want to go home.


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