Do you want to know what was taken out of Aristotle's teachings?

The Christians took out the real essence of Aristotle, the part which created the thinking like Aristotle, in about 400 AD. The questions it asked about Christianity were too difficult for them to answer because Christianity had lost so much of it's core when it became Rome's official religion.

So the early Christians destroyed the basis of Aristotles thinking much as they destroyed to library at Alexandria. (One note: Christianity would not have been difficult for the first Christians to have explained using logic.)

The part they took out is essential to thinking in the 21st century * and it's the proper way to program a mind if you want it to think correctly.

First the main part: Everything you learn must be learned in a fixed relationship to everything else. You must never use words that can vary or end up being imprecise such as: 'more', 'less', 'lots of', 'fewer', etc.

(This was Plato's take on using these words.) Our minds are like a sea of turtles. We leap from turtle (idea) to turtle (idea) and must keep moving or we will sink. There is no solidity in jumping from thought to thought but by moving quickly we lie to ourselves and we assume our thoughts are solid like we might think the backs of floating turtles are solid. However the necessity of thinking thought after thought continuously makes us insecure and our society weak.

If you solidly connect the turtles then you have a solid platform. Likewise by setting each thought, idea and concept in a definite relationship to each other you cannot help but to end up with solid and logical thoughts.

Here is an example of how our present way of thinking fails us. If you think: 'I like this girlfriend, Jasmine better than the last one, Mary but I liked Mary less than Charlotte who was before her.'

How do you rate Jasmine compared to Charlotte? How can you even compare them? You can't unless you can compare them directly or can lock in the intermediate Mary. Even comparing Jasmine and Mary and arriving at 'liking Jasmine' more is foolish. That could mean you like her ten percent more or ten times more. All it is good for is to confirm that you are with the right person. It is trouble in a relationship because the other person is unsure of where they stand.

One of the main reasons many people in their 30's and older remain single is because of these uncertainties.

Is that too poignant? We can use cars instead as they are often pretty much the same but cars last longer.

If I like my Honda more than the Ford which I liked less than the Porsche before it. How much more do I like the Ford than the Porsche?

This is just three items and your mind is already Jell-O and you can't figure out the relationship of the three can you? If you even try you will be frustrated and think you are crazy. You will never be able to extend your mind to a forth item and you won't want to.

If your thoughts are all based on 'more's' and 'less's' then they end up more slippery than a game of twister at a nudist colony in the summer.

Lets go the Aristotle way. If you liked the Honda twice as much as the Ford but you liked the Porsche four times as much as the Ford.
Then it's easy to figure out. You liked the Porsche twice as much as the Honda. Done and finished!

If you had a Honda before the Porsche which you only liked 1/3 as much as the Honda you now have, and a Citroen before that which you like exactly the same as the old Honda, it's still easier to deal with in every way. You can go on and on for twenty cars and still have a better sense of them than you had conceiving of just the first three cars the old way.

Now do the same thing with your ex's. That is your home work. If you do it then you will love men again and we will love you back (this only counts if you are a woman).

This allows you to formulate much more accurate solutions to all your problems for a number of reasons. One is that you can understand at least four times as many ideas in their proper relationship to one another as before. To suddenly give yourself a quadruple sized base of information to work from is an incredible gift.

Now perhaps you can see one advantage Alexander had in warfare that helped him win against odds never before or since faced by man in battle. This way of thinking allows superior thoughts in any field. I feel perhaps people only have to learn this once every two thousand years. The way in which it orders the mind is complete and stays with the soul for that long. It was still in very strong evidence 1800 years later when it allowed for Shakespeare's expansive ways and at the same time kept them within the boundries of reality.

If nothing else you will be able to count cards from an eight deck shoe at the blackjack table and send me 10% of your winnings. That sounds like a lot of fun anyway, let's go.

The result of this is fixed relationships between all your thoughts. It makes your thinking as extendable as a chess game. You can think five times as far ahead once you learn to use this skill.

Don't get into circular thinking though. It abuses logic and is divorced of love. The first guy that did that got hemlock as a reward for his efforts.

Those books on Aristotle's philosophy are just the thoughts of an intelligent person using this technique.

Do this method for one hour. Use nothing that is variable like 'more' or 'less' in you thoughts. That will be enough time to see exactly how well it works.

It's difficult at first but boy it comes back and haunts you just how incredibly effective your thinking got for that short period of time. Keep at it and it gets easy.

*The Aquarian age is rife with too many thoughts without any understanding of how to prioritize them. For two thousand we were in the age of Pisces during which time one idea got stuck in our mind and pushed all the other thoughts out completely. Our one thought became an obsession and that became the norm.

The principal here is that the mind is like a computer and properly programing it is essential to it ever working correctly. The 'Aquarian mind' like Thomas Edison's, is a profusion of ideas. Since the Age of Pisces there have been too many ideas without any discrimination between them. Edison experimented with a thousand materials to find a filament for light bulbs. He essentially went down the list and eventually got to one that worked and it was basically one of the first ten that he had tried. Had he priortized the 1000 experiments according to what materials were related to those that worked to some degree he would have gotten to it by the 25 th experiment. We are stuck with hundreds of thoughts, some are useless and some are important but we don't know which ones are which until we establish them in a relationship to one another.

The Aquarian gets lots of ideas but doesn't seem to be able to discriminate that well between their importance. Just look around and notice that mankind seems to be waddling in a sea of 'what ifs'. He gives himself too many choices without knowing how to determine which one is best, which one is second best, etc.

The way that Aristotle thought can control it and direct it properly.

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2003 John Pinil