How to work through 70 lifetimes of karma in one lifetime and hopefully gain enlightenment

To find out how to recall past lives and work through the karma associated with those lifetimes please read this page. Only by dealing with the karma of 70 lifetimes could I actually use my memories, skills and techniques from those other lifetimes in this one. So I took this route as my pathway to spiritual understanding. I certainly did not expect it to take 35 40 years!

70 lives

I go along with 6 fairly normal lives. Every 7th lifetime I recall and integrate the previous 6 lifetimes. Then I work through the karma (differences) until they merge together completely. Each life takes about 70 years so one of these Apexing lives happens about every 70 X 7 = 500 years.

This is the 10th time that I have gone through this cycle. It takes a total of about 5000 years. I am combining all 70 lives by primarily focusing on the 10 Apexing lives.

I have done groups of 70 lives all the way back to the beginning of time. Every lifetime I have had throughout history has been 'connected' in this way. I think this process happens normally or naturally to everyone or at least it starts out that way. Before civilization (5000 years ago) there were others who used this method of groupings of 70 but they have all fallen by the side. In lives before 5000 years ago every lifetime was nearly the same. Whether you were born in England or Tibet the lives were much the same. Basically we were all hunter gatherers. Integrating 70 lives was ten times easier than it is now. However in the past 5000 years things have gotten more complex. Now in one life I am an engineer and then in the next life a spiritual teacher. That is like combining apples and oranges. They just don't blend together or balance out as easily as did my hunter gatherer lifetimes.

Then that process has to be repeated 68 times until they are all integrated.

I guess that I am apparently the only person on earth that does it this way. I think that everyone started out with the intentions of using this same 5000 year method but all have somewhere fallen off the path by failing to integrate one or more lifetimes. It leaves a gap in mankinds connection to the infinite. It's just like they warned you in school to never fall behind in a class (like math) or you can never catch up. People fall out of this process for many reasons. The main one being dying early mainly due to bacteria which killed the best of us. Other unpredictable reasons why people fall out while on this path are war, criminality or they have an accident that kills them before they can finish the integration of one or more lives. It leaves a gap that can never be bridged...except it appears that it can occasionally partially happen in my presence. Then of course that bridge stays after I move on.

Then in 2014 Lama Lodru Rinpoche gave me a transmission that taught me how to group my past lives better than in the natural sequence in which they occurred by basically showing me that time is not what we think. Time is not necessarily sequential. Once I realized that I could group my lives differently. For instance if a lifetime around 700 AD works better balancing out 6 lifetimes 3000 years ago then I can switch them around!

The main thing I did was leave out my 30 lifetimes when I was enlightened. I first grouped the other 40 when I did not attain enlightenment so that they balanced each other out. Passive lives with agressive lives. That sort of thing. As soon as I integrated the 40 unenlightened lives I started in on the enlightened lives. I became immediately enlightened. Duhh! I feel stupid for not realizing that would happen automatically!

I can do so much more good for the world now.

It's simple. You just do good and you get there.

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