Life as Leif Ericsson

And my five other Viking lifetimes.

or Who wouldn't want to hang out with Leif Erikson?


My life as a Viking trader in the Hebrides.

How Leif got lost on the way to Norway and ended up befriending a princess in the Hebrides.

The myth of the mean and belligerent Viking fully disproved once and for all.  Even the monastery raid at Lindisfarne was not done by them.  Who was involved is clearly displayed in recently released information (which means in the last 1000 years). The evidence is all online.-NEW DISCOVERY-

Why the Berserkers were not 'berserk'.

In brief, about L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland

What really caused the Vikings to abandon the New World.

Why did so many Iceland Vikings bring home wives from Scotland ?

Leif's Viking sisters, and how Freydis saved the world.

Viking adventures, learn how to hunt Polar Bears with two spears.

And the one Polar Bear that almost made a 'Leif dinner'.

How Leif the Lucky became a Christian.

How this web site got started, why this history is not quite the same as the Sagas and why Leif rode a baby Polar Bear into town.

How you might be able to remember your own Viking past life.

About how my father's seizures caused the discovery of North America and how I knew that there was land there.

How almost all early Viking settlements were camouflaged to look like they did not exist including L'Anse aux Meadows.

How far south along the east coast of North America did the Vikings explore?

Yes, the Vikings were nice people and this memory shows it.

The Viking ships could withstand hurricanes. -NEW DISCOVERY-

If the Vikings were so nice what explains those Icelandic grave sites with smashed skulls.

How did certain characteristics made Vikings truly different? Included is the key role of Viking friendships.

my other Viking lives

When I was a woman I was the head of the Althing, ( the Icelandic Parliament). A simple life when I was a lighthearted and good natured person who everyone liked and everyone can relate to. -Want to read how I remember my past lives? When I first began to recall this life I wrote this page down so you can see how it is done. This life supplied the memories I used for about 80% of the previous page.

This page shows scientifically and in great detail a lot of forgotten information about early Icelandic settlements, their defenses and why Iceland's settlements were kept a secret. It also shows how the L'Anse aux Meadows settlement in the New World was different than people think it was. This is the most recent but most important it clearly shows you what can be learned by remembering past lives. (And besides it's fun!)

How to learn to sail like Leif Ericsson.

I helped build Borgarvirki a fort with one side missing. I explain what it was used for.

Help locate the lost first Iceland settlement of all times and become famous at least for awhile. Don't miss this opportunity to achieve the fleeting fame that Americans seem totally obsessed with. This is very real and people go by this place a lot during the summer.

Why you should never bother Viking women. -NEW DISCOVERY-


I am writing a children's book about a life I had in the early Christian Church and I have about 200 pages of that life finished. I have about 8 pages on line (a bedtime story) and it's here.

My home web site which leads to memories of my non Viking lives.


Neat old maps of Iceland.
This BBC web site about Vikings is a lot of fun.
The Smithsonian's online Viking exhibit.
This site is the most comprehensive and concise history of the Vikings I have located on the internet so far.
This is a great site for those wanting to know more about Iceland. Day to day information is here.

Better than a copywrite by far is this protection for my web site.

For something completely different visit my

Do you wish to collaborate? I guess you could think of me as being a 'specialist' who has a large amount of knowledge of a field but with a very narrow focus. My information is a real slice of time in one specific location. In my second Viking life which I cover I never left the island of Iceland and only knew a few hundred people my entire life. I'd be at a loss to tell you anything about any other country. We had three kinds of birds. Arctic Terns and two other kinds that also looked kind of like them. Go to this page and look at the altered photo to see what I thought an Ostrich had to look like when I was told they could peck people in the face.

For instance you could ask me about places or events that happened in non Scandinavian country's during these lives and I could not tell you a single thing about them. I also had misunderstandings about things that we now know the truth about. Using the memories of Leif Erricson I could probably convince you that dragons existed. Everyone who has studied archeology knows far more than I do because they usually study large groups of people over hundreds or thousands of years. I only know one little section of time and what one person knew.

The best example are frustrations I felt 1000 years ago when I was trying to prove that it wasn't the Norsemen that raided the monasteries of England (but I did not know who had done it). Here Records, even a hundred years old were unaccessable by me 1000 years ago. Twenty years of my searching back then for the answer just ended in frustrations. The quandary about who had raided those monasteries was solved a few months ago when I found those needed 1100 year old records, and full records at that, from all over Europe on the internet. Five references that had not been available 1000 years ago that were then 100-200 years old I found and read in 30 minutes. In that short of time I eliminated my 1000 years old quandary and the frustration which I felt for all that time.

WARNING: this web site has politically incorrect information on it. If you want politically correct then you shouldn't be on a Viking web site. We were always politically incorrect. Vikings were straight with everyone. That integrity is why you like us and why we have been remembered across time until today.


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